I am sitting at the kitchen table watching my mom and her sisters prepare for a big party.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  My mom is the middle of six children- she has two older brothers, one older sister, an angel baby brother, and one younger sister.  There are 13 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.  Everyone is scattered across the country from New York to Idaho; from Michigan to Texas.  This weekend everyone will come to celebrate my grandparents’ devotion to each other.

60 years!!!

It is amazing to me that, when more than 40% of marriages end in divorce, my grandparents have been happily married for 60 years.  My other set of grandparents was married longer than that before my papa passed.  My parents have been married for 35 years.  I am so fortunate to have such great marriage role models.  Hubs and I have been married for nearly nine years.

My two aunts came into town early to help prepare for the celebration.  As I listen to my mom and her sisters visit, tease, laugh, bicker, and remember I feel as if I am listening to my sister and I do the same.  I am refreshed by their relationship; by their bond.  Despite the hundreds of miles that separate these women, they are united by something strong.  It is the same strength that has united my grandparents for so many years.  It is the same thing keeping hubs and I together despite living so far apart.  And I know it is the same thing that will keep my family and me together when we no longer live in the same subdivision, zip code or even area code.  It is a bond of love and trust.  It understands, forgives, nurtures, and encourages.

In less than 9 weeks I will be moving away from all I know.  I am excited.  I am terrified.  But I know, after watching the preparations for this celebration, that even when things change, my family will stay the same.


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