things we tell our kids

Let me start by saying I LOVE BEING A PARENT and usually, I love being a teacher.  (Please note that I am shouting about my love for parenting.  I love it to a greater degree than teaching  – which I am pretty sure is okay but sometimes I think I am a bad teacher for not LOOOOOVVVVVING it all of the time.)

Anyway, I have heard people say that they hate it when adults lie to children. 

At first I was like “Who’s lying to kids?” 

Then I thought “Anyone that lies to kids is evil!”

But then I realized…
I lie to my kids ALL OF THE TIME


I lie about Santa Claus (and I am sorry if I just ruined the lie for you.)
I lie about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy (again… sorry I just ruined it for you.)
I lie when I tell my kids I have “work to do” after they go to bed when really I am face-booking.
I lie to my students when I tell them i am going to call their parents (although that threat hardly works anyway)


Here is the worst lie I have told to a child this week…


Please don’t judge me….


Please don’t hotline me…


Please help me…


This weekend I told my 4 and a half-year old, Bubba, that if he was still sucking his thumb at age 5…

Oh, I am so ashamed of myself….


But I don’t know what else to do…


I told him that if he didn’t stop sucking his thumb before his 5th birthday the “THUMB SUCKING POLICE” would come

and …



Believe me when I am tell you that I am not a horrible mom, I promise.


I told Bubba that the “Thumb Sucking Police” would cut both of his thumbs off if he didn’t stop sucking them before his 5th birthday.


There, I have confessed.  I should feel better. 
Bubba is trying to break his thumb-sucking habit.


So tell me, do you lie to children?  What lies you have told your kids?  How did you feel?  How did they respond?  Is it wrong to lie to kids?


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  1. Auntsuger

    I adore you! We live such similar lives! And no I do not feel it’s bad to lie to your children, I do it often.

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