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I will miss you

On June 6th I will fill my trunk, put the boys in the car and make my trek across the state for good.  No more 750 mile round trips on the weekends.  Nope.  We will be done with our “commuter marriage” and it can’t come soon enough. 

For those of you just joining the story
Rewind to July 2009: Hubs took a new job as a probation and parole officer, leaving a decent paying, although super risky job, as a police officer.  Great, right?  We had been talking about this since Dude was born in 2007.  He put his 2 weeks’ notice in and we (and everyone around us) worked our butts off to get the house ready to sell so the boys and I could move, too.  On July 16th Hubs made his first trek to Nevada, MO.  The plan was for us to move to be with him by Christmas. 

Yeah right! Life never follows my plans. 

Long story short… Our house did not sell and at Christmas we rented it out.  It was too late for me to quit my teaching job and find a new one 4.5 hrs away.  So the boys and I moved in with my mom and Hubs and I continued driving back and forth every weekend to be a family.  It has sucked.  We miss each other desperately. 

I am sooooo excited to move!  This year has stretched on way too long.

I am also sad about the whole thing, too.  There is a lot I am going to miss.

I will miss living up the street from my sister, brother, and parents.  I am pretty lucky that we are all so close and now I feel like I am going to be missing out on everything.  Never fear, though.  I will introduce them to Skype and we all have cell phones so it’s not like I won’t ever communicate with them again.  Plus, Hubs and I are now 2 hrs closer to the “lake house” than everyone else.

I will miss all of my friends.  We have been back in St. Louis for 6 years and I have grown some really awesome relationships.  I am not a great long distance relationship person so I am really afraid that I am going to lose those friendships and not be able to replace them.

I will miss having EVERYTHING within a 15 minute drive.  In Nevada (the 1st A is a long a, by the way) it takes 15 minutes to drive from one end of the town.  There’s a Super Walmart, two grocery stores, two hardware stores, two farm supply stores, a couple of furniture stores, 5 or 6 fast food chains, and some other small shops.  There is NO Target and the nearest mall is almost an hour away.  Both very sad for me.  It is going to be a MAJOR adjustment.  I am going to have to plan ahead.  Going to Walmart will no longer be a novelty (I  RARELY go there now)- it will be a necessity and I probably won’t like it as much as I do now.

I will miss a lot of little things, too.  I am sure I will be able to add to this list daily once we finally move.  One thing, though, that I know I am really going to miss is IMO’s pizza.  For those of you that are non-St. Louisans IMO’s pizza has paper thin crust and has provel cheese.  The closest IMO’s will be more than 2 hrs away and that makes me sad.  Maybe, since I won’t be teaching next year, I should consider opening my own franchise in Nevada.

Have you ever moved far from the place you call home?  What did you miss most?  How did you deal with that?



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Am I doing this right?

Most days I question my parenting ability.  I wonder if I am just like all of “those” parents…
The ones that scream at their children with no results.   Um, Check.
Or the ones that totally ignore their kids to do their own thing.  Only when I am online.
Or the ones that give their kids anything just to keep them from crying/screaming/hitting/talking back.  For sure when I am driving.

My goal as a parent is to do as good of a job as my parents did with me.  I think I turned out pretty darn good- maybe a little screwed up.  Okay… a lot screwed up.  But I know that my parents were awesome at what they did and I want to be that good. 

Heres what I want to do as a parent:

I want my kids to know I love them and for them to love me.  Real Love.

 I want my kids to respect me.  And I want them to learn respect from me.

I want my kids to be independent and self-reliant but not withdrawn.  Complicated- I know.

What I want most, though, is to raise my kids to be children of God.  I want them to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I want them to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He calls.  I am starting to feel successful in this and here are the top 5 ways I am seeing that:

  1.  The boys say please and thank you without prompting.  They recognize and show genuine gratitude for their blessings.
  2. They are compassionate.  They want to help anyone in need.  They want to give people what they have received.  My boys show love to all they meet.  Well, except Dude, he only loves his daddy.  Just ask, he’ll tell you.
  3. Prayer is a natural thing for them.  My boys lead the prayers at meals and bedtime.  They go to God with everything… thanksgiving, hurts, needs, stories.  You name it- they pray it.
  4. Along with the prayer thing, they want to pray for everything.  Bedtime prayer requests include anyone they have met/seen/played with in a day.  And they go to a busy daycare so that is a lot of people to pray for.  But what I love about it is they recognize a need in someone and pray for it.  “Protect Miss Crystal’s baby.”  “Forgive Matthew for being naughty.”   “Thanks for Ms. Margo and Mr. Stephen’s silliness.”   You get the picture.  Wait-now that I think of it, though, this could be just a ploy to stay up later.  Hmmm…. I will have to pay closer attention.
  5. The most recent way that shows me that Hubs and I are doing okay at raising Godly young men happened today in the car.  The boys and I were making our last (yippee!!) 4 and half hour drive from Nevada, MO back to St. Louis.  I had the radio on and they were in the back watching a movie.  All of a sudden I start to see shoes fly across my rearview mirror.  I turned my music down and adjusted the mirror to see what was going on.  When I looked back the boys were beating each other with flip-flops and singing at the top of their lungs JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW!  FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO!  

Yep… I am on the right track. 

What do you want most for your kids?  How do you feel successful as a parent?

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