new hair

In less than 2 weeks I will start a new job as a high school math teacher.  I decided that it might be time to get a “grown up” hair cut in order to attempt to look older than my students. 

I have always been an extremest… really long or really short hair.  It has been 6 months since my last trim (my sister is cringing at the thought). 

Before that it had been more than 2 years since scissors had touched my hair (she gets sick to her stomach when I mention that). 

I decided this time around I would hack it all off and donate it to Locks of Love.  I have a ton of hair and I hate to waste.  My brother and husband are quite jealous and wished I would have donated to them.

This is the before shot.  Please ignore the bags.

 Look at that pony tail.




Attached to my head.

 I went to see Miss Allyson.  My brother’s girlfriend.  Also, the object of Bubba and Dude’s affection.  None of them (Doug, Bubba, or Dude) was happy about us getting together on Saturday.

My sister was there to hold my hand through the cutting process but I still had to drink a glass of wine before we actually started cutting.

Allyson strained to get through my hair.  You should have seen her face as she cut.  I have a picture of it that I will save for blackmail because it does not reflect how beautiful Miss Allyson really is.

There it is.

Nearly three years of growth in my hand.

I thought I would cry but I was actually relieved.  I lost about 5 pounds.  The tension in my head was relieved.  Who knew I was working so hard just carrying my hair around?

If you look close, the front doesn’t look so bad.  The back, however, was not so good.  It turns out, cutting your pony tail off is not the best hair styling technique.  It is almost as if she cut a hole in the back of my head.  It took almost an hour to clean it up.  It is super short back there.  She had to use clippers.  Thank goodness Miss Allyson is a perfectionist and very good at what she does because it started off looking like I had a bad accident with a preschooler and a pair of garden clippers.

My sister decided that I needed to go blond.  She is much better at the beauty queen thing than I am so I went with it. 

Here is Allyson taking the foils out.  She washed my hair AND MASSAGED my head with blue oil.  It felt awesome!!! 

My brother showed up at this point and broke up with Allyson (not really) because he didn’t want me to cut it off.

Please ignore the super shiny forehead and the large, alien-like growth on my chin.  I should have worn make-up for the pictures.

I drove 4 and a half hours to get my hair chopped by someone I know.

I spent nearly 3 hours in a chair at Studio Branca in Creve Coeur, MO.

I came in with hair half way down my back.

I left with a super cute bob. 

Yes, I am probably going to grow it back out but I think I will maintain for a little while because it feels good to look good.

I also bonded with Allyson and I approve.  (yes, I am a huge dork but I love my brother)

The after.

The back is a lot shorter but I didn’t get a picture after Allyson styled it and I am pretty sure my version doesn’t do it justice.

I think it kind of wedges… gets longer as it comes to the front.  I really don’t know the terminology since I don’t read fashion magazines or anything.

Please ignore the neck-chin region.

I blame Lofthouse cookies and McDonald’s food.

I need to go on a diet.

Here is my hair on top of my donation form.

By the way… I am now a proud owner of a straightener, a paddle brush, and some goo for my hair.  Go me.



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3 responses to “new hair

  1. Kate

    OMG- I love it!
    Your sister was right.. you look great with the blond. I love the bob on you…
    I am not a hair expert but pride myself on learning the terminology… I think Allyson gave you a “swing bob”.

    I love you and I love the hair and you definitely look older than your students, but not too old 🙂


  2. Caryn

    I LOVE it!! It looks sooooooo cute!

  3. adorable! looks great and how wonderful to donate!

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