so much to do

I had planned on becoming more intentional and focused on this blog.

Then I got a job.  And for those of you that regularly read this blog, are friends on Facebook or follow me on twitter you know that, after this summer, it is a really good thing that I got it.  You were about to be reading about me on a news website (and not because I won mother of the year!) 

The thing with taking a new teaching position (and I had forgotten this) is that it is almost like having your first job all over again.  Like I have just graduated from college and have never had a day of experience in my life.

It is so overwhelming.  I had taught elementary and middle school for more that 7 years.  Now I am teaching high school.  I am learning a new town, school district, content, ect.  But the worst/hardest thing to get used to is that the kids are all taller than me.  I look younger than most of them and it kind of wigs me out.  Just kidding. (sort of)

Seriously, though.  I am staying one day ahead of my classes.  I know Algebra and Geometry but I haven’t taught either of them on a daily basis, ever.  Now I am responsible for both.  I have put myself under a lot of pressure to be good, the best math teacher they’ve ever had.  I know… I don’t have to but something inside me makes I feel like I need to.  Most of the kids in my classes struggle with math and have never felt great about it.  Many are just trying to get their last math credit so they can graduate.  Some of them won’t make it to graduation before they drop out. 

I put this pressure on myself because I want my students to know they are loved, valued and capable of being successful.  I want to engage their brains.  I want to hold their hearts.  I want to be that teacher that they think of when asked about the best parts of high school.  I want to push them to be better than they thought they could be. 

Because of this, I am at school early and stay late.  After the boys go to bed I am at my computer.  But instead of writing about the silly things from my day, I am creating SMARTboard lessons or grading and recording papers.  Eventually, I know I won’t have to work this hard but for now… there is so much to do…


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