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hitting my stride

Looking back over the last year I have been miserable.

I had a horrible school year last year. 
Hubs was more than 300 miles away.
My house wouldn’t (and still hasn’t) sold.
My summer as a stay at home mom was the worst career choice I have ever made.

But God is good.  He always delivers.  Even when I don’t have faith, he is always there.

Things are working out so well that I have been asking myself “Why weren’t you patient?  Why did you doubt?”

I love my job.  We are almost a month into the year and I have been excited to go to work EVERY DAY!!!  That is amazing to me because I was so jaded about teaching just 4 months ago.  My kids are awesome.  The staff I work with is fantastic.  The community is so supportive.  I feel successful.

Hubs and I are experiencing the best time in marriage that we have ever had.  I guess distance does make the heart grow fonder.  (definitely increased the bedroom… oh never mind… my mom reads this blog).

Bubba and Dude are great along together and really becoming their own people.  Their personalities are shining.  (The tantrums are still extreme but are manageable with Hubs around.)

I feel like I am hitting my stride.  I am comfortable.  I am happy.  It is amazing how different I feel from 1 year ago, 6 months ago, even 6 weeks ago.

Life is good. 

Praise the Lord.

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