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give thanks

I have challenged myself to come up with 100 things that I am thankful for.  I have been thinking about this for about 2 weeks now.  It is much more challenging than I anticipated.  Is this because I take things for granted?  I hope it is because I *try* to live a simple life so there isn’t a ton of “stuff” distracting.  I am pretty sure that the second option is a bunch of baloney hat I want to believe because I don’t want to be ungrateful or worse- entitled.

Three things have led me to create this list:

A)     A few weeks ago the sermon at church was on gratitude. 
B)      Many friends on Facebook are listing something they are thankful for each day in November.
C)      On Thanksgiving Hubs, Bubba, Dude and I try to outdo each other with our “thanksgivings” and this year I wanted to be ready with some power behind me.

Here goes (in no particular order because that would take too much organization)

  1. Hubs because he is the best husband and dad that I could ever ask for
  2. Bubba because he is an awesome/inquisitive/artistic/entertaining little man
  3. Dude because his facial expressions/words/brute-little-man actions make me laugh always
  4. Sarah because in the 9 months I was pregnant she taught me how much I wanted to be a momma
  5. Sarah again because God used her brief life to teach me more than you can imagine
  6. Mom because she is the best
  7. Dad because he also the best
  8. My big sis because she is my best friend
  9. My little bro because he is just cool
  10. My excellent job at Nevada High School that has reminded me I am a good teacher
  11. My previous (at Ritenour Middle) that taught me a lot(good and bad) about life
  12. My job before that (at LaVergne Primary) because it made me realize I am not a good elementary teacher
  13. My church (and pastors) that challenge me weekly to put my faith in God into action
  14. Chocolate because it makes me feel better (unless I eat too much and then I am not thankful.
  15. Chocolate and peanut butter because it is soooooooo good together
  16. Chiropractic care because I haven’t been in a while and I know I always feel better afterwards so I should probably go back soon
  17. Massage therapy because there is not much better than laying on a warm bed in the quiet for an hour while someone rubs you
  18. Pedicures because I am sorry that I took them for granted before moving to a small town where I have to drive an hour to get one
  19. Internet access because I can’t imagine life without it.
  20. Facebook because I have stayed connected with everyone even though I now live in the middle of nowhere
  21. Twitter because I learn some silly stuff and have made friends with total strangers
  22. Paying my bills in a time where so many can’t make ends meet.  We don’t have much but it could be worse.
  23. Glee because it makes me laugh every week
  24. My car so I can drive the hour it takes to get #18
  25. Getting gas once every 6 weeks (possible because I live in a small town) because it makes #18 easier on my checking account
  26. YMCA because I have so much fun in zumba and there is so much for the boys to do
  27. Music because it can be with me whatever mood I am in
  28. My high school friends that I have reconnect with thanks to #20
  29. My RMS friends that supported me through a really awful year last year.
  30. My NHS friends that have welcomed me with open arms into their building
  31. Coke Zero because it starts my day in a caffeinated way (ya’ll should be thankful for that, too)
  32. Bottled water because the water in western, MO is horrible.
  33. Water filters because #31 gets expensive and is not environmentally healthy
  34. Sweet tea vodka because sometimes #31-33 just aren’t good enough
  35. Warm weather in November because I hate winter and I am really enjoying this
  36. Pilot pens because they make grading nice
  37. Loss because it makes me appreciate what I have and puts things in perspective
  38. Naps because sometimes you need to rest
  39. Late start Wednesday because we have department meetings during contracted time w/o interrupting instruction
  40. Good hair days because it makes me feel good about myself
  41. Skinny ankles because I have them and some people don’t
  42. Cute shoes because they can make a good outfit great
  43. Comfy shoes because sometimes I can’t get #17 or 18 and my feet just hurt
  44. Supportive parents because they help keep the good kids in check and get the bad kids back on track
  45. A nice boss that knows what they are doing. I am lucky to have almost always had one of those.
  46. Lotion because my skin gets dry and itchy in the winter months
  47. Iguana Azul because they have the best tortilla soup in the world and I love to eat it every Friday night
  48. DVR because I never have to watch commercials anymore
  49. A phone that does everything so I don’t have to think about things anymore
  50. Tums because I have heartburn really bad right now.
  51. The right to vote because there are many people that have no say in their government
  52. Veterans that have defended my freedoms.
  53. Living in a small community because little things are recognized in a big way and big things are even better
  54. Prayer because it has helped me through some really hard times
  55. Prayer again because it has helped me remain balanced when things are going okay.
  56. Prayer times three because it helps me rejoice when things are great
  57. Alpha because it renews my faith every time I help on a course
  58. My good students that make it fun to be a math teacher
  59. My bad students that have challenged me to be a better teacher
  60. USA network because it has shows that make me smile
  61. The Real Housewives shows because it made me realize that money doesn’t make you happy.
  62. McDonalds because their quarter pounders with cheese taste so good all the time
  63. Sonic because nobody makes a cherry-limeade like they do
  64. My big blue round chair because it is so comfy to snuggle in when watching #60 or 61
  65. Rainy nights because they make #64 even better
  66. Thick and super soft socks to go with #64 and 65
  67. Sunny days because they feel so good
  68. The cookies that hubs bought at the store today because they are hitting the spot right now
  69. Good books that make me smile
  70. Good books that make me think
  71. Going to a conference with colleagues on a school day because I needed a break from school
  72. Math because I am a dork and I love problem solving
  73. Calculators for the same reason I am thankful for #72
  74. Good pizza because it can go with anything
  75. Rainbows because I saw one today while I was driving home and it gave me hope
  76. Traditions because I love the memories
  77. Change because the new is always exciting and good
  78. Text messaging because sometimes a sentence is enough
  79. Unlimited text messaging because sometimes one sentence isn’t enough but you can’t talk
  80. Free long distance because sometimes all you want to do is hear someone’s voice
  81. Voicemail because I love re-hearing my sons tell me good night on a message
  82. Diversity because I miss hearing/seeing the amazing things other cultures provide
  83. Spell check because I am a horrible speller
  84. Grammar check because I am a math teacher not an English teacher
  85. My little red computer that I can carry with me every where
  86. Accountability because without it I would not be successful
  87. Prayer(again) because it just feels good
  88. My Bible because its promises are reassuring
  89. Hope because without it there isn’t much
  90. Pandora radio because I can listen to so many genres of music without doing much
  91. Nights out with the girls because I can’t be super mom all the time
  92. For the fact that my kids think I am a super mom even though I know I am not
  93. Smiles from strangers because simple kindness is so good
  94. Thankful that I have so many things to be thankful for
  95. All the opportunities I have growing up that have shaped who I am today
  96. My parents (again) who taught me to work things out and not give up
  97. My parents (another time) who modeled a good marriage/relationship even when times were tough
  98. My grandparents who did the same as my parents in #97
  99. That God always provides just what I need when I need it
  100. God is always there and He loves and forgives me even when I am not always faithful


So what are you thankful for?  I challenge you to look for things daily and give thanks.  See the good in all and recognize your blessings even when it is hard.


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quick run

so i needed to go to the store tonight to grab something for tomorrow’s lesson.  hubs and i put the boys to bed and i planned on zipping up the street to the grocery store and coming right back.  hubs decided to add a few things to the list so i added a something and my quick trip up the street to the grocery store turned into an across town to walmart run.

looking at my list you may think i am a dude:

spaghetti (for my lesson)
post-it notes

the last item on my list causes me a bit of stress.  why am i embarrassed to buy condoms?  i am 30 yrs old.  i have been married for nearly 10 yrs.  i have had 3 kids.  obviously, i am (or at least have been at some point) sexually active. 

in a recent post i noted that living in a small town has made it difficult for me to compartmentalize… everyone knows everything about everybody else.  i don’t want this to be true about my preferred form of birth control- although i am now shouting it to the world, i guess!.  it doesn’t really matter but i don’t want anyone to see me buying them.

so here’s what happens… i pull into the parking lot and head to the door.  one of my male students is standing at the entrance with his friends.  they all carry on about seeing me.  great… they are going to know what i am buying.

i make a lap around the store and grab some stuff.  i will cover the condoms up in my basket so no one will see has become my plan.  on my way back toward   that area i see another male  student.  can’t get them now… he is just 2 aisles away.

another lap.  coast is clear.  grab the condoms and jet to the check out.  on my way, though, i see another student.  this one wants to visit.  all i can think of is please don’t look in my basket.  when i finally get away and all of my stuff rings up i pray the cashier puts them right into a bag so i can hide it. 

i make it out of the store with a bunch of extra stuff but i don’t think anyone saw my major purchase so i am safe for now.  hubs is in charge of the next run.

my question, though, is why is this embarrassing to me?  is there anything you have to buy that you are embarrassed for people to see?  or am i just immature and irrational?  please help me out on this one folks.


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