quick run

so i needed to go to the store tonight to grab something for tomorrow’s lesson.  hubs and i put the boys to bed and i planned on zipping up the street to the grocery store and coming right back.  hubs decided to add a few things to the list so i added a something and my quick trip up the street to the grocery store turned into an across town to walmart run.

looking at my list you may think i am a dude:

spaghetti (for my lesson)
post-it notes

the last item on my list causes me a bit of stress.  why am i embarrassed to buy condoms?  i am 30 yrs old.  i have been married for nearly 10 yrs.  i have had 3 kids.  obviously, i am (or at least have been at some point) sexually active. 

in a recent post i noted that living in a small town has made it difficult for me to compartmentalize… everyone knows everything about everybody else.  i don’t want this to be true about my preferred form of birth control- although i am now shouting it to the world, i guess!.  it doesn’t really matter but i don’t want anyone to see me buying them.

so here’s what happens… i pull into the parking lot and head to the door.  one of my male students is standing at the entrance with his friends.  they all carry on about seeing me.  great… they are going to know what i am buying.

i make a lap around the store and grab some stuff.  i will cover the condoms up in my basket so no one will see has become my plan.  on my way back toward   that area i see another male  student.  can’t get them now… he is just 2 aisles away.

another lap.  coast is clear.  grab the condoms and jet to the check out.  on my way, though, i see another student.  this one wants to visit.  all i can think of is please don’t look in my basket.  when i finally get away and all of my stuff rings up i pray the cashier puts them right into a bag so i can hide it. 

i make it out of the store with a bunch of extra stuff but i don’t think anyone saw my major purchase so i am safe for now.  hubs is in charge of the next run.

my question, though, is why is this embarrassing to me?  is there anything you have to buy that you are embarrassed for people to see?  or am i just immature and irrational?  please help me out on this one folks.



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2 responses to “quick run

  1. Caryn

    I’m embarrassed, too. I think it’s just because having sex is a very personal experience and we don’t generally share that experience with the world. Ya know? I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  2. Kate

    I would say lube is embarrassing to purchase as well. One time I was behind a couple in the Target aisle and it looks like they had a nice list of items and their intention was to come to Target and make a dent in their list. I see a new rug and a few lampshades and I think to myself “oh that’s nice, they must be giving their room a makeover” and then I see it casually placed on the conveyer belt amongst the design stuff…. lube. The new KY kind (well this was a few years ago) that has the heating and cooling sensation to aid both partners. So this has me thinking: Was it an impulse purchase or was it on their shopping list on the refrigerator after seeing the tv commercial?

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