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is there dirt in your heart

On the way home from the Y tonight, Bubba asked, “Where does Jesus live?”
Hubs responded, “In your heart.”
Bubba and Dude both thought about this for a minute, giving each other weird looks. Bubba then asked, “Do we have dirt in our hearts, too?”
Not understanding what he was getting at, I asked him what he meant. He told me that if Jesus was living in our hearts he needed some dirt to walk on and build his house in.
Dude then asked, “How does Jesus get into my heart?”
Bubba told him (in all the wisdom of his 5 yrs) that you just have to let him in.
I love these boys.


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I had to go to Wal-Mart to get some things for my classroom.  I knew that at 5 pm it would be crazy and my boys were going to be a challenge.  It was much worse than I anticipated.  The boys have terrible case of the gimmes.  They wanted everything in sight- now.  No waiting for Santa.  They expected me to buy it for them at this very minute because they said so.

It was bad.  Really bad.  Bad to the point that I left a cart of things in an aisle and carried them both out of the store.  Bubba didn’t want to go and was holding on for dear life to the door of the store.  He then stomped and kicked his way across the parking lot.  While waiting for me to open the car he kicked the door and punched the window.  He’s five.

In the car on the way home Bubba began ranting.  I had to work very hard at not bursting out in laughter.  The ranting continued when we got home.  In fact, it has not stopped.  Since we’ve been home, he has thrown things, shoved the chair (my huge, round, blue chair) across the room and has now locked himself in the bathroom.

I have seen his temper flare up before but this is the biggest, most outrageous tantrum he has ever thrown.  I can’t help but laugh because of the following things that he has said in the last hour.  All statements are backed up with a “yah!” from Dude – which makes it more hilarious. 

I don’t love you anymore.

You aren’t my best buddy.

I only like daddy.

I am never making any pictures for you again.

I will make pictures but I am going to scribble on it.

I am only going to color in the lines and draw nicely for my daddy- not you.

I don’t like you because you won’t buy us lunchables.

I am not giving you kisses and hugs anymore.

You can’t snuggle me when watching TV ever again.

I only want to play with daddy from now on.

I want you to give me what I want.

I am going to keep kicking the back of your seat until you give me what I want.

If you don’t give me a lunchable I am going to throw you in the trash.

Wait you won’t fit in the trash so I am going to throw you in the dumpster.

Daddy will throw you in the dumpster for me because you are too big to lift.

I am going to take your bookmark out so you don’t know what page you are on.

I don’t like the sandwich you made for me.  I don’t like peanut butter.

 You didn’t put enough peanut butter on my sandwich.  I want more peanut butter.

I want crunchy peanut butter.

Don’t tell my daddy on me.

I am going to hide in my closet from you and daddy.

Please don’t tell Santa.

Is 6:30 too early for a 5 and 3 year old to go to bed?  What is the funniest thing your kids have said when they are mad at you?  Please share your tantrum stories with me so I don’t feel like a bad mom.

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