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what day is it?

Happy Earth Day!  I will never forget that April 22nd is Earth Day.  7 years ago I made plans for a full day of Earth Day activities with my 3rd graders at LaVergne Primary.  A substitute ended up doing busy work with my kids instead of what I had planned.  I had taken the April 21st off to have an ultra sound to determine whether a low lying placenta had moved up or whether we would be scheduling a C-section for the birth of our first child.

 Instead of hearing news that I was hoping for, Hubs and I got news that no expectant parent ever wants to hear.  Our baby was dead. 

 Today is also Good Friday.  The day that remembers when Jesus was persecuted and died on a cross for the forgiveness of the sins of the world. 

 Saturday marks 7 years since I delivered Sarah.  It is hard to believe that much time has passed.  Some days it hits me like it just happened yesterday.  Other days it is just a part of me in much the same way wearing glasses is just a part of me.  I don’t like either but both are things that define me.

 Sunday is Easter- a day of hope, a day of renewal.  I think it is awesome that the anniversary of Sarah’s birth coincides with Easter this year.  God used the death of his Son to offer an amazing gift to the world.  In much the same way, the death of my daughter has been a gift to me.  Through our tragedy, Hubs and I have been blessed in innumerable ways. 

 This weekend as we remember our daughter and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we rejoice in the knowledge that someday both will greet us in Heaven.


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