I am not a blogger that does product reviews but today I change that.

We have been in our house in Nevada, MO for a year now (can you believe it?!?!) and have been washing dishes without a dishwasher (unless you count me) for that same amount of time. My first thoughts upon moving in were something like “What? You want me to wash the dishes by hand?” as well as “I didn’t realize there were still houses without dishwashers” and even “What was I thinking when I settled (yes, we settled) on this house?”

I have since come to terms with the fact that I don’t have a dishwasher and that the kitchen is a part of my chores within the household.  I have tried almost every single kind of dish soap available at Walmart.  Every time dish soap is on my list I try something new.  

Until now.  I have found the best dish soap around. Palmolive with Oxy plus is by far the best product I have used to wash my dishes.  I will not be easily swayed to try anything else.  This stuff cuts through the grease and grime of my cooking (which I must say is improving now that Dude and Bubba are becoming more vocal in their opinions).  My pots and pans feel clean.  My plates squeak when I dry them- they are that clean. My glasses sparkle. It is amazing.  My biggest complaint about not having a dishwasher (besides pure laziness on my part) is that I haven’t felt like my dishes were getting really, truly clean. Switching to Palmolive with Oxy plus has taken away that argument in my quest for a dishwasher.

The other great part about Palmolive with Oxy plus is that it is gentle on my hands.  We go through a lot of dishes (Hubs thinks that my kitchen in like the buffet where you get a new dish every time you go to the counter) and I generally do 2 sink-fulls a day.  Since switching to Palmolive with Oxy plus my hands have stopped drying out and cracking.

I hate washing dishes and will continue to hope that by some miracle space will appear in my kitchen for us to have a dishwasher that is not me (along with the plumbing and the actual dishwasher).  In the mean time, though, I will continue using Palmolive with Oxy plus  and would recommend that you do too.

Oh and if you have any connections to the Palmolive people, I would be more that willing to take some free samples!



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2 responses to “review

  1. Caryn

    When we moved into our first place, it didn’t have a dishwasher either. Even though I was nursing, we had lots of bottles to wash, and I liked to entertain, so we had lots of dishes to wash, too. I feel your pain!! When we moved to Rexburg, we finally got a place with a dishwasher and it’s been soooo nice!

    • @Caryn I don’t think I could do the no dishwasher thing and the bottle thing at the same time. I made Dude and Bubba give up sippy cups last summer because they were too much of a pain to wash by hand. Does that make me a bad mom or just a lazy one? I am going to go with practical.

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