As a parent I know I am not supposed to measure my kids against each other but I hope it is okay to compare them.  You know… like what you did in high school English with two different books or something.

Even if it is wrong my post tonight is an excellent (and pretty funny) description of how my boys are completely different.

The following is an example of how Bubba and Dude at their cheeseburgers at McDonald’s tonight:

Bubba (the older and most slightly completely OCD son) unwrapped his burger and held it in one hand while neatly folding the wrapper to make a place mat.  He then methodically ate his cheeseburger across like corn on the cob.  He was very conscious about making a straight line as he ate.  He would also completely chew each bite, wipe his face, and take a sip of his chocolate milk every 3rd bite.

Dude (the younger and reckless son) chugged his chocolate milk while reaching into the happy meal box.  He ripped his burger out of the paper barely acknowledging the protective paper.  His first bite was from the middle, smearing ketchup and mustard across his face.  He shoved as much as he could in his mouth, mutilating the bun as he went.  He barely took a breath until his burger was totally gone.

They are as different as night and day.  Every day I amazed that the same to sets of genes combined to make two completely different boys.  And I love every ounce (which is increasing a rapid rate) of each of them.


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