scenes from the gym part 1

In an effort to get skinny (Bubba says my butt is huge and Dude says my stomach is squishy) Hubs and I have been going to the YMCA pretty frequently this school year.  I love our Y.  It is simple.  I don’t worry about looking like a fool there like I did when we lived in the Lou.  Like almost everything else in Nevada, I feel like I fit in there.

Even though I am still a fatty, I feel really good working out.  This is an amazing statement considering until recently (okay- currently, too) I claimed that exercise caused me to have an allergic reaction- I break out into a sweat and get clammy, my breathing is affected, I turn red and have muscle pain and fatigue.  (Come on you all know that those are classic signs of an allergic reaction)

Another thing I love about going to the gym is people watching.  I often Tweet from the treadmill or elliptical things that I see while sweating it out.   Yes, I am one of those people playing on my phone at the gym (whatever it takes to get me through the torture).

I have decided to start blogging my observations rather than constantly facebooking and getting sweat all over my phone (ewww!)  Your tweet stream and news feed will thank me.  I want to hear your stories as well.  You can comment here or email me and I will add them (with your permission) on those days I skip the gym don’t see anything interesting.

Heres what I pondered today:

Why do people where jeans to work out?  I mean really, I love my jeans days and often wear them on the weekends but to the gym.  Today there were 3 guys learning the ropes to the weight equipment wearing jeans and their wife beater shirts.  I work out in a pair of shorts that I pray doesn’t pull too tight across my rear and a t-shirt that is embarrassingly ratty so I guess I don’t have much room to talk about gym fashion.

Whats in your water bottle?  Mine has (wait for it)… water.  There is a lady that works out on a similar schedule to me that always has a large styrofoam cup.  Sometimes it is a gas station cup and sometimes it is a Sonic cup.  I am dying to know what she drinks while she sweats.  Is she replacing her electrolytes (that’s me trying to sound sporty) with a sports drink or is she counteracting her efforts with a Coca-Cola.

My questions for you today:  What do you work out in and whats in your water bottle?



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2 responses to “scenes from the gym part 1

  1. Lisa

    I usually where running capris, a run t-shirt, and shoes. In my water bottle, crystal light:) Nothing exciting. Can’t wear shorts, they show too much!!

  2. Cara

    I can’t believe someone would work out in jeans. That is odd! Oh well, at least they work out, that is more than me! 🙂

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