I’m dreaming…

I always have pretty crazy dreams but usually forget them quickly.

I have not forgotten the one I had last night.

I was driving my little Honda accord on the brick roads of Ft Scott, KS with my dear friend Elizabeth.  We turned right down a street and happened upon a gun fight.

On one side of the street were mobsters- as in Al Capone. On the other side of the street were thug gangsters- as in The Bloods.

They were shooting at each other as I drove down the street.  Miraculously, we were not hurt.  Just some minor bullet holes in the windshield.

The gangsters won the battle and decided to go after all witnesses (that’s Elizabeth and me if you are wondering). I had to flip the car into reverese to get away.  No time to even turn around.  My driving was awesome.  I looked like Daisy Duke driving like Bo and Luke.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how the dream ended.  I guess we survived since I am here to tell you about it.

So what did you dream about last night?  (Or any crazy dream you’ve had recently).  Please tell me I am not alone in my bizarre dreams.

oh and if you interpret dreams… what in the heck does this one mean?



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3 responses to “I’m dreaming…

  1. Caryn

    That is AWESOME! I had a mobster dream a few nights ago, too! Last night I had a labor dream, only the hospital was insanely huge and the anesthesiologist on call was one of my religion professors. It was totally bizarre. I never gave birth in my dream, I just labored and was walking all over the hospital. As I was walking, there was a group of boy scouts touring the hospital and they were thoroughly appalled by what was happening to me and if I hadn’t been focusing on getting through a contraction, I would have laughed hysterically because I remember finding it completely hilarious.

  2. Elizabeth

    Well, DUH! We broke out our mad kung fu fighting dance moves and they all got scared and ran. Then, I taught you how to Dougie!

  3. Lisa

    Dreams are just werid. I usually dream about the last thing I was watching on TV and relate it to my life. Or something that I just read. I had a werid one last night and of course I can’t remember it now:)

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