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monster scare

So Bubba and Dude have an irrational fear of going to bed, staying in bed, sleeping in bed.  I think it is a game.  They are just jealous that I get to share a bed with Hubs and they want to snuggle, too.  I am adamant that we don’t have a family bed because we (Hubs and I) don’t sleep.

Anyway, they claim there are monsters in the closet.  Thank you Disney.  So we sleep with all of the closet doors (every single one) open.  This would kill my sister.  The boys have a light on in their closet.  You could practically read a book in the middle of the night it is so bright.

The monster “fear” is unreasonable at night but a huge game during the day.  Today they played a new variation called Monster Scare.  It went like this:

Bubba: Dude you are going to sit on your bed reading your Bible.
Dude: (sits and opens Bible and begins to make up Bible stories)
Bubba: Now I am going to go outside (steps outside the room) and put the sleeping bag over me.
Dude: (still making up Bible stories does not acknowledge his brother)
Bubba: Then I am going to run into the room and make monster noises and you are going to scream.
Dude: Okay. I am going to be real scared.

They commence screaming.  Then they fall over laughing.  Once they regain composure they switch roles and start the EXACT SAME scene again.  They went back and forth like this for almost an hour.  Scream, laugh, switch, scream, laugh, switch.

The fun ended when Dude decided to fight the monster.  Bubba ended up with a black eye.  Dude 1, Monsters 0

What crazy games do your kids play?  Do yours do the elaborate role-playing? Is it weird they are terrified of monsters at night but love to talk about them during the day?

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another job

I am a public school teacher. My husband is a probation/parole officer. We don’t make much money.  I like shoes. This is a problem.

In April, I applied for a job at a shoe store.  Perfect plan… work for the summer, make some cash, earn an employee discount. It would be great.

Here’s the problem: I didn’t get a call to work until last week.  School starts in about 3 weeks. Not much time to make a lot of cash but plenty of time for an employee discount.

Today was my first day. It was also the first day the community sidewalk sale.  It was also 104 degrees (fyi- that’s really hot!) I am glad I survived and I will go back tomorrow and Saturday but it was not the best first day I have ever had.

Here’s the problem… When Hubs and I first got married I worked in a shoe store.  I was good at it and earned a lot in commission.  Hubs made me quit because I spent most of my check on shoes and rarely had much left over for rent.  When I applied for my current job I may have emphasized that experience too much. The owner/manager/trainer/everything of my new store seems to think that I am a retail shoe sales expert.

I sorely disappointed him today.  It has been almost 10 years since I have worked retail and I felt that today. I couldn’t size people, find stuff, put things away, run the cash register, or do anything well today.

So now I am questioning my self… do I really want to work a 2nd job every Saturday during the school year? Am I really cut out for retail anymore? Is it fair to my family to work a 2nd job (at a very low wage) for a nice shoe discount?  What would you do?


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So I am sitting at KU med center to see a doctor about an ankle injury that doesn’t want to get better.
My appointment time was 9:45. I got here at 9 because i live almost 2 hrs away and was afraid of being late. As I was filling out paper work I heard a nurse say that they were a bit behind because my doctor had 6 appointments at 8:30. 
How does that happen? I would really appreciate a medical perspective on this one. Why would you schedule 6 appointments for 1 time? Are no shows that big of an issue that you have stack this much? How can I be sure I am getting the best care if I am sharing my time with 5 others?
Anyway this is giving me a lot of prime people watching.  It makes me question waiting room etiquette. Look for something tonight about my observations and thoughts on waiting rooms.

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not the royals

Let me start this post with this proclamation:

I bleed Cardinal Red.  I was born, raised, and will die a Cardinals fan.

Now that we are clear on that I have some confessions to make.

  • I watch the Royals on tv almost everyday.
  • I have been to more Kansas City Royals games this season than I have been to Cardinals games in the last 5.
  • My kids are becoming Royals fans and there doesn’t seem to be a thing I can do about it.

Here’s the deal:  We live in western Missouri about 100 miles south of Kansas City-Royals territory.  If we lived 20 miles south or east we would still be in Cardinals territory.  Since we live where we live… we don’t get Cardinal broadcasts on TV (even with the extra Fox Sports package).  We do, however, get the radio broadcast so I do listen regularly.

Going to a Royals game (which never sells out) is an easy event- tickets are as cheap as $11 and all of the seats are good seats in “The K.”  Because the Royals suck- come on we all know that it has been 26 yrs since they have done anything of note (in which they did beat the Cardinals in the World Series)- they have all kinds of “gimmicks” to entertain you at the games.  It really has a minor league stadium field (sometimes the home team looks minor league, too).

The boys love the Hot Dog Races (3 fans dressed up in hot dog suits racing around the field) and the Hot Dog Launch (they throw hot dogs into the stand).  I am a fan of all the silly things they put on the screen. Last night the Rays missed a really easy fly ball and they showed a clip from The Sandlot to make fun of the play.  I also like the “oblivious Fan Cam” where they show someone in lala land and time how long it takes for them to notice themselves on the GINORMOUS screen.  Hubs loves the Royals so he could care less about the entertainment.

Last night we went to the game because it was Buck Night ($1 hot dogs, sodas, and peanuts) as well as Fireworks Friday (a fireworks display after every Friday game).  It was awesome.  I was expecting a piddly little display but this was a huge, 4th of July caliber display.  The boys had never seen anything like it and they were glowing.

So I must confess- I like going to Royals games.  We have fun and that is what America’s past time is all about?

Do you have any secret sports confessions?  Please share.
Or at least validate mine.

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i can’t spell

So it has been a while since I have blogged.  I have a long list of topics but no time to actually write.  Honestly, I am ignoring my kids (bad mother of the year award criteria) to write this.

Every parent has resorted to S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G out words when talking about something they don’t want their kids to know about.  I am a pretty good out loud speller (you wouldn’t know if you have ever played against me in Words with Friends because I S-U-C-K at that game).  Hubs is starting to catch on and is getting good at understanding the spelled-out conversations.

So while I am fixing dinner tonight I say to Hubs “How about some D-A-I-R-Y Q-U-E-E-N later?”

Before he can finish processing Bubba interrupts with “Dad, she is spelling ice cream.” Then he turns to me “Is that on your diet?”

I guess we are going to have to text across the table now.  Sometimes having a gifted kid stinks.

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