So I am sitting at KU med center to see a doctor about an ankle injury that doesn’t want to get better.
My appointment time was 9:45. I got here at 9 because i live almost 2 hrs away and was afraid of being late. As I was filling out paper work I heard a nurse say that they were a bit behind because my doctor had 6 appointments at 8:30. 
How does that happen? I would really appreciate a medical perspective on this one. Why would you schedule 6 appointments for 1 time? Are no shows that big of an issue that you have stack this much? How can I be sure I am getting the best care if I am sharing my time with 5 others?
Anyway this is giving me a lot of prime people watching.  It makes me question waiting room etiquette. Look for something tonight about my observations and thoughts on waiting rooms.


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