another job

I am a public school teacher. My husband is a probation/parole officer. We don’t make much money.  I like shoes. This is a problem.

In April, I applied for a job at a shoe store.  Perfect plan… work for the summer, make some cash, earn an employee discount. It would be great.

Here’s the problem: I didn’t get a call to work until last week.  School starts in about 3 weeks. Not much time to make a lot of cash but plenty of time for an employee discount.

Today was my first day. It was also the first day the community sidewalk sale.  It was also 104 degrees (fyi- that’s really hot!) I am glad I survived and I will go back tomorrow and Saturday but it was not the best first day I have ever had.

Here’s the problem… When Hubs and I first got married I worked in a shoe store.  I was good at it and earned a lot in commission.  Hubs made me quit because I spent most of my check on shoes and rarely had much left over for rent.  When I applied for my current job I may have emphasized that experience too much. The owner/manager/trainer/everything of my new store seems to think that I am a retail shoe sales expert.

I sorely disappointed him today.  It has been almost 10 years since I have worked retail and I felt that today. I couldn’t size people, find stuff, put things away, run the cash register, or do anything well today.

So now I am questioning my self… do I really want to work a 2nd job every Saturday during the school year? Am I really cut out for retail anymore? Is it fair to my family to work a 2nd job (at a very low wage) for a nice shoe discount?  What would you do?



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2 responses to “another job

  1. Greta W.

    This is not the job for you.

  2. Lisa Muehlbauer

    I never worked a 2nd job when my kids were little, but I like it now. I am way more productive when I have to plan and schedule for the week instead of just seeing what comes up. Procrastination is my middle name. I think it will give you some outlet that is not being a wife and mother. You will find yourself making friends and that is important in a small town. GO FOR IT! Plus, every girl needs a room full of shoes.

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