monster scare

So Bubba and Dude have an irrational fear of going to bed, staying in bed, sleeping in bed.  I think it is a game.  They are just jealous that I get to share a bed with Hubs and they want to snuggle, too.  I am adamant that we don’t have a family bed because we (Hubs and I) don’t sleep.

Anyway, they claim there are monsters in the closet.  Thank you Disney.  So we sleep with all of the closet doors (every single one) open.  This would kill my sister.  The boys have a light on in their closet.  You could practically read a book in the middle of the night it is so bright.

The monster “fear” is unreasonable at night but a huge game during the day.  Today they played a new variation called Monster Scare.  It went like this:

Bubba: Dude you are going to sit on your bed reading your Bible.
Dude: (sits and opens Bible and begins to make up Bible stories)
Bubba: Now I am going to go outside (steps outside the room) and put the sleeping bag over me.
Dude: (still making up Bible stories does not acknowledge his brother)
Bubba: Then I am going to run into the room and make monster noises and you are going to scream.
Dude: Okay. I am going to be real scared.

They commence screaming.  Then they fall over laughing.  Once they regain composure they switch roles and start the EXACT SAME scene again.  They went back and forth like this for almost an hour.  Scream, laugh, switch, scream, laugh, switch.

The fun ended when Dude decided to fight the monster.  Bubba ended up with a black eye.  Dude 1, Monsters 0

What crazy games do your kids play?  Do yours do the elaborate role-playing? Is it weird they are terrified of monsters at night but love to talk about them during the day?


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