bubba is going to kindergarten

My baby boy is growing up.  No, I am not going to be that mom crying because my child is starting school.  I am really excited for Bubba to start kindergarten (and not just because daycare expenses will be cut in half).  He is extremely smart and creative and I can’t keep up.

We had his screening back in May.  He scored in the 95th percentile.  He wanted to know why he didn’t get a 100.  He is either going to be the teacher’s pet or the teacher’s worst nightmare.  He continually insists that since I am a teacher I should be teaching him to read right now.  When I explain that I am math teacher and can teach him how to solve equations but have no clue about reading, he insists I make up math problems and quiz him.

Yesterday we went to the doctor for his annual physical  Bubba will be 6 next month and already weighs 57 lbs. and is 46 inches tall.  Dude will be 4 next month and weighed in at 44 lbs and is 41 inches tall.  They are huge… both above the 90th percentile.

Today I left Dude at daycare while I took Bubba to the eye doctor and to get his vaccinations for kindergarten.  Bubba was super brave and took them like a champ.  Plus he passed his eye exam.  He was concerned that they would have to pop his eyes out to look inside but we have a pretty good eye doctor that didn’t have to do that.

Dude melted down.  He is going to have a hard time being without his big brother.  After I picked him up today, Dude couldn’t stop telling Bubba how much he was going to miss him when school started.  It was sort of heart breaking.  Then they started punching each other so all went back to normal.

In other news… I am a horrible wife.  It got up to 111 degrees (that’s almost 44  celsius and I like that better) today.  I figure anything over 100 doesn’t really matter it is just freaking hot.  It has been over 100 for weeks.  We have had only 1 significant rain in over a month.  The grass is not growing.  Except it is in 2 spots in our yard… where the AC drains and where we dump the boy’s pool.  And it was almost knee-high today.  The bugs are bad and we have a nazi that does code enforcement specializing in tall grass.  I was afraid we were going to get a violation so I made Hubs mow.  Yes I am mean.  But I brought him Gatorade.  Then I had a cool beverage (the adult kind) ready when he came in.  So that makes it okay, right?


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