Power surge

I need to start with my problems are minor compared to so many others so I dont have a right to complain but I’m going to anyway.
We have had very little rain this summer and its a good thing because our lawn mower barely works. And our weed wacker just broke.
We live in a farming community so I now have a better understanding of the value of rain. That being said it has rained every day for the last 8 days. Good right? Sort of.
It started with a really bad storm last Wednesday. After all the tornadoes I am a lot freaked by storms these days. This bad storm involved a lot of lightening and apparently it struck way too close to home. Literally. I think we were struck by lightening.
As a result we have no phone line. The bigger problem with no phone line is no DSL (our only internet option besides our phones).  This is really stressing me out.
Also broken as a result of the lightening strike is our oven.  We have gas so this shouldn’t be an issue, right? Wrong. Apparently there is a computer in the oven that tells it what to do. By the way it costs $150 to replace. Oh and if this would have happened in June it may have been covered under the warranty but we are out of warranty by a few weeks.
The good news… our tv was on a surge protector and the dish is still works so we can continue to watch Phineas and Ferb non stop. Wait… maybe that’s not so good.
I am ready for school to start next week. How was your summer?


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