We ventured out to the Nevada Aquatic Center for free swim Sunday today.  It is the first time all summer that we have been to the “water park.”  It is also the last day of summer.  Tomorrow is the first day of teacher’s meetings and Thursday is the first day of a new school year.  I am looking forward to the changes this new year brings.

Tonight, though, I am reflecting on a pretty good summer.  It seems like it was super long (and actually, compared to most of my friends it was 3 weeks longer) but it also flew by in a blink.

We started the summer with a trip to Florida celebrating 10 yrs of marital bliss between the Hubs and in I.  We left Bubba and Dude with my family (my mom, sister, brother and future sister-in-law are amazing to have helped out so Hubs and I could get away).  In Florida, we were super tourists- we did as much as we could in an extremely short amount of time and were exhausted when we got back to St. Louis.

We spent a few days being tourists in St. Louis with the boys before returning to Nevada, MO.  It was so much fun taking the boys to the bounce house place, visiting the zoo, Aquaport, and going to the movies.  They are at the age where everything we do is a blast.

I watched a ton of trash television (Housewives, Millionaire Matchmaker, Bridezillas, ect.).  One show that captured my heart this summer was Hoarders.  As a result I purged.  A lot.  The thing is I did this 2 summers ago when we found out we were moving to Nevada, a little more when we went into storage 6 months later, and again last summer when we moved in.  We just seem to have a  ton of stuff and it multiplies in the closets.

Usually I teach summer school but because of our Florida vacation I didn’t this summer.  Instead I got a job working for the school district painting.  I had a great time painting lines on parking lots, a barn, bathrooms, and classrooms.  I also got a job working at the shoe store.  For those of you wondering- it is much better and I have already taken advantage of my discount.

A couple more highlights include an amazing 4th of July weekend with my family at the lake.  We had such a great time with the lake house olympics, floating in the middle of the lake because it was so hot, a fantastic fireworks display, and, as always, way too much good food.

I went to Chicago for 4 days in July for the Pampered Chef National Conference.  Such a good time with old friends and lots of inspiring training to improve my business. As a result I have 5 shows this month!!

The New Kids on the Block- Backstreet Boys concert was also pretty awesome.  I had so much fun with my girlfriends drooling over my boyfriends.  I am still drooling over Donny’s abs.  Thanks Stacey, Patty and Elizabeth for a much-needed “girls night!”

I attended a couple of professional development courses this summer to remind myself how much I want to pursue a degree in educational technology.  I also took an exercise class that didn’t kill me.  You can read about that here.

As I reread, edit(remember I am a math teacher not an English teacher so don’t expect much in the editing dept.) and add to this post I realize that this has been more than just a pretty good summer.  This has been one of the best summers I can remember.  I guess we are where we’re supposed to be.  Things are good and this year is going to be even better!

How was your summer?


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  1. Lisa Muehlbauer

    I had a pretty fantastic summer also, I think the common thread between the two of us is Summer School. Even though is pays better than any other summer job, I feel it did not give me the break I needed. Working part-time (for min wage mind you) at 6 Flags was awesome. I had fun and was NOT in charge. All I had to do was show up and do my job…no extra jobs added, and having someone else take the crap was refreshing. (even though they were 19). I don’t think I will ever teach summer school again due to the fact of this fantastic summer. After last year’s group, I really needed a break and I got pretty good at watching trash tv along with old B & C quality movies. I also crocheted 2 baby blankets and cooked like I would like to all the time. Never, have I been able to sleep in and I actually enjoyed it. Sooooo, good by summer school. (incert evil laugh) love ya.

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