Get in the pool

A conversation with Dude today.
Dude: mom can you get in the pool with me?
Me: I don’t have my swimming suit on.
D: so?
M: so I can’t get in.
D: just take your clothes off and get in.
M: I can’t.
D: why?
M: because then I would be naked.
D: so?
M: so it would be weird to be naked in the back yard.
D: why?
M: the neighbors wouldn’t like it.
D: daddy would like it if you were naked.
M: Um…

How would you respond?


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One response to “Get in the pool

  1. Caryn

    HAHAHA! I love that!! Lili says things like that to me, too, and I’m the same way…”Uuuuuhhhh.”

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