where do they get this?

I love my sons.  They are hilarious.  The things they come up with amaze and entertain me.  Today was one of those days they were full of it.

When we got home Bubba decided to make sling shots. Not sure where he came up with this but I am going to assume he learned it on the bus.  He got one of my rubber band headbands and an old patch off of Hubs’s old uniforms.  Using wadded up pieces of paper, he began shooting at Dude.  They cracked up giggling.  Bubba then made a set for his brother and war ensued.  I am sure I will find paper balls around the house for days.

Bubba also informed me that he ate breakfast at school today.  When I asked why he ate at school when he had already eaten at home he responded that he wanted chocolate milk and we had forgotten to give him chocolate milk at home.  When I reminded him that he gets a chocolate milk everyday with his snack at school he looked at me like I had caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.  He had no idea that I paid $50 at open house for him to have chocolate milk everyday this year.  He thought I didn’t know about the milk at all.  For all practical purposes he was sneaking this everyday.  (this is the start of my payback for sure!)  I also told Bubba that breakfast at school is not free and that he can’t just get breakfast because he wants something to drink. He panicked and was super remorseful because he is a money saver.

Conversation between Dude and Hubs tonight:
(dude roaming around the room eating his snack)
Hubs: sit down
Dude: I’m going to wrestle you down and sit on you.
H: Come back in 15 years when you are bigger than me.
D: In 15 yrs I will be old and married and have my own house. if you want to wrestle then you will have to come to me.
He then rolled his eyes at Hubs, shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

By the way… we put the boys to bed 45 mins. ago.  Bubba fell asleep before we were out of the room (I love kindergarten).  Dude has come out of his room for each of the following reasons:
1. He found a dirty sock on the floor and didn’t know who it belonged to.  (it is Bubba’s)
2. Doggyhead (his stuffed animal) has a hole in it.
3. There is fuzz now coming out of the hole in doggyhead.
4. He needs to go to the bathroom.
5. He needs a drink.
6. Just one more kiss and a hug.
Dude is not asleep yet so I am sure the list will get longer.

I am pretty sure I do know where they get this stuff.  I am pretty sure it my fault because I am a smart ass and have unintentionally taught them my smart ass ways.  Ultimately, though I will put the blame on my father.  I learned it by watching him.  What do you think?



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2 responses to “where do they get this?

  1. Can we discuss how I don’t really even know your kiddos and I love them already? Seriously, let’s talk less school and more of these guys at lunch 🙂

  2. Tonight we also talked about how I pay for lunch and I am not paying for you to pick sack lunch when I can make a better PB&J for cheaper. She had no idea I was paying for her lunches. She also tried to tell me they didn’t have milk with their snack. I’m glad our kindergarteners are learning to be sneaky, right?

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