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We have experienced the “terrible twos”- starting when Bubba was about 15 months old.

We made it through the “trying threes” alive.

When Bubba was 4 someone reassured us that the “f-ing fours” would end with the “fabulous fives” and I think they were right.  Five was a great year for Bubba (especially since Dude was into the “trying threes”).

My question- Do they call it the “smart ass sixes” because now that Bubba is 6 and in Kindergarten he has developed such sarcastic attitude.  I know he learned it from me but I never realized how much he would embrace and try to use this new (and what I used to think was funny before my son started in) kind of humor.

Tell me… did your 6-year-old become a smart ass?  Or am I doomed for a lifetime of sarcasm from my oldest son?

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science fair?

I am pretty sure I have never participated in an official science fair.

Unofficially, though, I am pretty sure today marks the day where I would have 17 possible entries.  All from my refrigerator.

GROSS.  I know.  I am not proud.

You have been there.
I hope…
Please stop judging.

Here’s how it went down.  My family is coming to town tomorrow so I am super cleaning so they think I have excellent house keeping habits.  (Since this is confession time, I will admit that I am a horrible house keeper.  I don’t know how it happens but it seems that no matter how much or little effort I exert my house is always a mess.)

Anyway… on the to do list is clean out the fridge.  I figured I would pull out a couple of storage containers, wash them, wipe the shelves down, go to the grocery store and fill it with lots of super healthy snacks.  (again hoping my family would believe that I have suddenly become a health not.  again you should know that really I am not).

So here I go pulling out containers, walk them to the trash empty them, toss them in the sink.  After the 1st 3 I decide to pull the trash over to the fridge and set the containers on the counter.  Before long I am gagging from the smell and I have 14 containers lined up on the counter (which is really the washing machine that is rightnexttothefridge because we have such a tiny house).

I am ashamed.  I threw so much stuff away.
Much of it I don’t even remember making in the first place.

On a related note… if you live in Vernon county and are in need of garlic I can probably hook you up.  I found 7 BULBS of garlic. Yes, I cook with a lot of garlic and it is a permanent item on my grocery list.  Apparently I should take it off this weeks list.

Do you have any refrigerator confessions?
Please tell me I am not alone.
Please make me feel better about my abilities as a house keeper.

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Just a game

Bubba and Dude play together really well (most of the time).
Tonight they were playing in their room.  When I asked what they were playing they looked at me in a way that I look at some of my students. 
You know the one where I hope they “get it” but am pretty sure they don’t have a clue and I need to go back to the beginning.

So they give me this look and Dude says “We’re playing tag.”. Bubba quickly adds, in a very serious teacher tone, “its a game from way back in the 80s”
I almost fell over laughing.  That is hilarious and again I ask where do they get this stuff?


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its friday night

I love fall Friday nights.  Crisp cool air and high school football.  Tonight we got 1 of the 2.  Someone forgot to tell mother nature to turn the heat off.  Despite the 100 degree weather we took the boys to see the Nevada Tigers 2nd game of the season.  They love to go and run around.  I love to go and visit with my friends and spy on my students.  Hubs likes football.

We usually only make it through the 1st have before the boys get whiney.  I am okay with that.  I have usually said hello to anyone that will listen by that point.  Hubs is okay with it too because we have yet to see the Tigers win a game (they were something like 0-16 going into tonight’s game) so he doesn’t feel like he is missing too much by leaving early.

Tonight we sat with my new teaching BFF (not sure if I am pushing the relationship here) Amy and her family.  We are trying to fix Bubba up with Amy’s daughter, Paige.  She is also in kindergarten and super fun.  She says hello and Bubba freaks out, turns red and runs away.  He says she is not his girlfriend.  She calls him “the boy who loves me.”

Around half-time Bubba, Dude, Paige and Parker (Amy’s son) were beyond wiggly.  The popcorn and water had been consumed.  The dance team had danced and the band had performed.  The home team was losing and the bleachers were too full to run and jump on.  We decided to go to the playground at the elementary school across the street.

Bubba asked Paige to go (i will call this their first date) and even pushed her the whole way in the stroller.  He only ran her into the fence once.  He fell over laughing and she gave him a you-better-not-do-that-again-or-this-relationship-is-over look.

The 8 of us (Amy, her hubs Blake, Paige, Parker, Hubs, Dude, Bubba and I)  spent about an hour playing on the playground.  It was so much fun chasing the kids around, climbing on the equipment, swinging to the stars, and being silly.

I love this!  2 years ago, when Hubs had moved to Nevada and the boys and I were still in St. Louis I was dreading leaving my family, friends, the mall, restaurants, Target (i could go on) and starting over with a small town life.  A year ago I was here treading water and trying to adjust.  Now I feel home.

Yes, I desperately miss my family. friends, and life in st. louis but I am where I am supposed to be.  thank God for a hot Friday night a football game for reminding me how good I have it.

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