science fair?

I am pretty sure I have never participated in an official science fair.

Unofficially, though, I am pretty sure today marks the day where I would have 17 possible entries.  All from my refrigerator.

GROSS.  I know.  I am not proud.

You have been there.
I hope…
Please stop judging.

Here’s how it went down.  My family is coming to town tomorrow so I am super cleaning so they think I have excellent house keeping habits.  (Since this is confession time, I will admit that I am a horrible house keeper.  I don’t know how it happens but it seems that no matter how much or little effort I exert my house is always a mess.)

Anyway… on the to do list is clean out the fridge.  I figured I would pull out a couple of storage containers, wash them, wipe the shelves down, go to the grocery store and fill it with lots of super healthy snacks.  (again hoping my family would believe that I have suddenly become a health not.  again you should know that really I am not).

So here I go pulling out containers, walk them to the trash empty them, toss them in the sink.  After the 1st 3 I decide to pull the trash over to the fridge and set the containers on the counter.  Before long I am gagging from the smell and I have 14 containers lined up on the counter (which is really the washing machine that is rightnexttothefridge because we have such a tiny house).

I am ashamed.  I threw so much stuff away.
Much of it I don’t even remember making in the first place.

On a related note… if you live in Vernon county and are in need of garlic I can probably hook you up.  I found 7 BULBS of garlic. Yes, I cook with a lot of garlic and it is a permanent item on my grocery list.  Apparently I should take it off this weeks list.

Do you have any refrigerator confessions?
Please tell me I am not alone.
Please make me feel better about my abilities as a house keeper.


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One response to “science fair?

  1. Caryn

    I like to claim that I’m a good housekeeper and we still have this problem. Mostly because my hubby doesn’t like to eat leftovers. He more than doesn’t like to eat them, he avoids them unless I bug him to eat stuff up so it doesn’t go bad. And I don’t know how (or rather, don’t really have the energy) to make smaller-portioned recipes, so I always make a lot (or more than we can eat). So no, you’re definitely not alone!

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