We have experienced the “terrible twos”- starting when Bubba was about 15 months old.

We made it through the “trying threes” alive.

When Bubba was 4 someone reassured us that the “f-ing fours” would end with the “fabulous fives” and I think they were right.  Five was a great year for Bubba (especially since Dude was into the “trying threes”).

My question- Do they call it the “smart ass sixes” because now that Bubba is 6 and in Kindergarten he has developed such sarcastic attitude.  I know he learned it from me but I never realized how much he would embrace and try to use this new (and what I used to think was funny before my son started in) kind of humor.

Tell me… did your 6-year-old become a smart ass?  Or am I doomed for a lifetime of sarcasm from my oldest son?


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  1. Patty D

    Absolutely!!!! And let me tell you, he is not in the “sensational sevens”. The smartass moves right into seven and he is even better at it than before. Don’t get me wrong, he most certainly has greats days and is a great brother. BUT, when he is having an “off” day, he is very hard to deal with. If you find the wonder cure, please let me know.

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