how old is papa?

Tonight Bubba and I were practicing writing numbers.  As a kindergartner he is pretty advanced in the math area (his momma is a math teacher so i am good with this) and is really interested in adding big numbers.  

Somehow this lead to a discussion about age (i am pretty sure it was when he was adding my age with his age to get the hubs’ age- yeah… that’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself).  He asked how old grandma was and I turned it back around to him (he says she is really old- sorry to my MIL).  Then I asked him how old Papa (my dad) is and I got the best response ever.

Bubba told me that Papa is as old as his tongue and a little older than his teeth.  My dad told him that sometime during the Thanksgiving weekend and it stuck with Bubba.  He has now clue how old my dad is (I am not sure either but I think is is 59 or maybe its 41).

I remember being young and asking my Papa (my dad’s dad) how old he was.  His response was always “I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.”  I am pretty sure I didn’t “get” that until about a year ago.  Bubba probably doesn’t get it either but at least he knows how old Papa is.



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