All I want for Christmas

imageA few days ago Bubba wrote out his list for Santa.
On his list (this is my interpretation of what he wrote and described to me- there may be errors):
*DS (originally this was a 3DS but after discussing with his friends he believes it would be better go with a DSi thus the 3D is scratched out.
*a train set
*legos books
*Kansas City Royals poster
*St. Louis Cardinals poster (although he added this only after I told him Santa might be a Cardinals fan since they did win the world series)
*$66 (and cents, too)
*Cars 2 the movie
*Rio the movie
*the black angry bird stuffed animal (the boy is obsessed with angry birds)
*Ginger bread boy (I have no clue what this is so if anyone could help me out here that would be great)
*KC Calendar is squeezed in at the bottom

He ends the list with a bit of sucking up to Santa “I like Sant(a.)  Sant(a) like(s) Henry”   Attached to the list (but not pictured) is the Naughty and Nice report from the Campbell house (Dude is on the Naughty list but Bubba is on the nice list. this is probably an accurate list).

Dude has not made his list for Santa this year.  He just YELLS at EVERY. SINGLE. COMMERCIAL. on TV that he wants that item.  I am pretty sure Santa can hear him at the North Pole so there is no need to write anything down.

Hubs says he wants books for Christmas.  This really means he wants gift cards so he can pick out his own books for Christmas because we (my family and I) always strike out when buying him books.  He has also mentioned workout clothes.  This is a desperate need and probably what he will be getting from me. All of his t-shirts are gross-stained and torn gross.  Currently he has 2 pairs of running pants- one pair that looks like he had a 7th grade growth spurt since buying them.  The other has a hole that he stapled (he took the stapler off the desk and stapled his pants like a stack of papers) back together after ripping them when he was trying to jump a fence and show off for the boys. (it took me about 5 tries to type that last sentence without laughing at the image)

This has me thinking about my Christmas list.  If Santa is real and listening I promise I have been a good girl.  I am not asking for much:

*a dishwasher (because my hands are starting to crack from dishwater and honestly… there are better ways to spend my evenings.  even more… the dish drainer takes up too much counter space.)
*a stackable washer and dryer (if i get the dishwasher there would be no place to put it unless we get the washer and dryer out of the kitchen… since there is no place for it to go stacking them would provide enough room to but the dishwasher in.)
*queen size sheets (we only have 1 set and in the last 18 months they have started to wear really thin… there are spots that are threadbare. and santa, if you are going to bring sheets you might as well get the really good ones with a high thread count)
*socks (I wear dress shoes everyday of the week and have only a few pairs socks and most of those are getting pretty holey.

So what do you want for Christmas?


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