hanging of the greens

First I want to start by patting myself on the back… 3 posts in 3 days.  go me!  of course the chapter 4 tests that I need to grade are glaring at me right now but I am going to do my best and ignore them for a while.  maybe they will grade themselves.

Tonight, Hubs, Bubba, Dude and I were the candle lighters at the Hanging of the Greens service at church.  I have never heard of such a service as I have never been Baptist before (maybe this isn’t a Baptist thing but I am pretty sure the Presbyterians don’t do it unless I just skipped out on it 10 years in a row).  Anyway this is the “official decorating of the sanctuary for the Christmas season” (at least that is what someone told us) but I am bit confused because the church was pretty decked out before the service.  Anyway… lots of carols were sung and some decorations were added and a narrator said some stuff about advent and Christmas trees.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have a clue what went on outside of a few songs.  Here’s why…  Apparently Hubs and I have not been good at “parenting in the pews’ because our boys acted like they had no idea how to be in church.

Bubba, being in kindergarten got to get up on stage and sing a song with the children’s choir.  It was very cute except he was that kid.  you know the one that doesn’t really sing.  He was tapping on the mic to “make sure it was on” and was ninja fighting with another kid (but the other kid started it is his story).

As we were walking up as family to light the advent candle, Dude suddenly remembered that “WE DIDN’T HAVE DESSERT TONIGHT!!”  I am pretty sure everyone in Vernon County now knows that we didn’t have dessert tonight.

Part of the service involved everyone getting to put an ornament on the trees in the sanctuary.  the ushers released the rows 1 at a time.  Bubba, anxiously awaiting his turn to pick an ornament and hang it, complained loudly that “only the old people are getting called on to go up!”  Dude of course then began pointing out all the old people in the congregation.

God bless the little children.  I am pretty sure we won’t be asked back.


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