where i am at

Last year I wrote a post about hitting my stride in a small town.  Things are still going great.  Money sucks but we are happy.  The hubs and I love our jobs.  The boys are amazing. I feel so blessed.

But I didn’t start this year quite so content.  I was moved from teaching at risk high school students last year (which i loved) to regular ed 8th grade.  I wasn’t excited about moving schools again and starting all over. I didn’t want to learn another set of building expectations, another set of grade level/content expectations, another way of doing things with another group of people, another set of administrators.  I had heard good things about my new building but I just didn’t want to start over and be the new guy, again.

Now halfway through the year, I am so glad I moved.  I can’t express my relief.  I work with some really awesome teachers and a fantastic librarian.  These teachers all want to be on committees.  They want to implement new things.  They want to go above and beyond every time to do what is best for kids in everything.

I think this is true in my current building because we have a phenomenal administrative team and central office support.  They make us feel valued.  They support us in just about every way.

(at this point i must say a word to my RMS friends… to those of you reading this blog, my friends, I know you all do what is best for kids.  i know you strive to go above and beyond every time.  i know you are phenomenal teachers and leaders.  but i also know that i had some really horrible years where i did not feel that i worked with a complete staff that was a wonderful as some individuals.  i know that the top to bottom support has never been a characteristic of my prior position.  RMS friends, i love you all)

This year I feel like I am even more the teacher I was meant to be.  Even through my struggles to keep up with grading, I am connecting with kids.  This year I have felt more successful with engaging my students than ever.  The homework completion rate for my 8th grade classes is consistently at 80%.  I have had more parents stop me in church, Walmart, the grocery store, at the Y to tell me  that their son loves my class. that their daughter understands math now more than she ever have.  that their kids talk about how their favorite class this year is math.

Yes, I am bragging on myself a bit tonight.  But I am also bragging on my new school, the staff, administration, students and community.  I love my job.  I am so glad the Hubs and I made a huge life change.  I am so glad we took a risk to get out of jobs we were unhappy in order to do and be good at we both love.

Are you happy where you are?  What can you do to change or improve your position?


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  1. Lisa

    You would be surprised all the things that can happen if you take a chance! My new job is super hard and I work my butt off but the administration appreciates me and tells me. I work with people who want to make a difference in the lives of kids! They like having a sped like me work with them! They never complain about my kids! They try to help them! I hate the commute and the longer hours, but I wake up and want to go. Something that hasn’t happened in a long time. Everything happens for a reason.

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