Conversation with Bubba

Just hanging out in the backyard with Bubba this afternoon and he asked me an interesting question.
Bubba:  have you ever seen Jesus? Like in real life… Not just the Bible or church.
Me: well I havent ever SEEN Jesus but I have seen what he does and how he has changed the world.
B: yeah but have you ever actually seen HIM?
M: well no because Jesus is in Heaven.
B: you know who so lucky?
M: who is that?
B: my sister, Sarah.
M: why is that?
B: because she is in heaven, too. And she probably gets to hang out with Jesus everyday.
M: that is pretty cool, isn’t it? She is lucky.

My kids amaze me.  Bubba is wise beyond his years.  The fact that he is thinking about and wanting to hang out with Jesus is pretty cool. I am also so proud of Bubba and his awesome perspective on his sisters death. It has taken me a long time to gain that perspective.


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  1. Caryn

    I love this so much. Kids are SO close to heaven still and it’s times like these that really teach you that. You have awesome kids. Seriously.

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