not so crafty casey

I am not crafty.  I don’t like making things.  Every attempt I have at being cutesy and crafty turns into a really bad third grade art project.  I hate glue.  I hate scrapbooks.  I hate putting buttons and ribbon on felt to make something cute.

I feel guilty about this.  Bubba and Dude don’t have cute baby books (and I will pay for their therapy one day).  Aren’t 30-something moms supposed to be into cute and crafty and creative things?  I would rather watch sports center with the hubs than go to a scrapbooking party.

Here is the problem.  I just watched an infomercial (gotta love Christmas break!) for the Cricut personal cutting machine.  I watched it for 15 minutes.  I was mesmerized.  What is wrong with me?

Then I went the website and looked for another 15 minutes.  My boys have torn their room apart while I am hypnotized by a craft thing.  It is amazing.  I want want want it!

Someone please help me!  Remind me that I burn myself with a glue gun every time I look at it.  Remind me that I am not an attention to detail person.  Remind me that I would rather solve complex math problems than arrange pictures on a paper with cute captions.  I don’t need a craft machine!!

But man, it is cool.  Do you have one?  Do you use it?



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2 responses to “not so crafty casey

  1. Casey, I made all the ornaments on the Angel Tree at church with a cricut. I also made the sign by the tree with it also. It is actually a really cool machine. I cannot draw or even write pretty, so being able to cut out the pretty letters for the sign was so cool! Jeannette uses it all the time back in the kids department also. Check out her bulletin boards, they are made by the Cricut!

  2. Caryn

    DON’T buy a Cricut!! If you want a machine like that, invest in the Silhouette! You don’t have to buy expensive cartridges for it and the software is waaaaaay better. TRUST ME! Artene is the research master and we are both convinced.

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