santa is for real

Christmas has come and gone. The tree is looking more pathetic by the day. The  boys fear respect of the “Naughty or Nice hotline” is quickly forgotten.

At 6 and 4 Bubba and Dude are at the perfect age for Christmas magic. They believed in Santa and were rewarded for that belief.  It has been a long time since Santa was real for me.

This year, however, my belief in Santa was reshaped and renewed.  Santa was real in a different way. My boys, in all their craziness, showed me that Santa can be in every one of us.  This has been a tough year for many people in our community. I like to complain about how strapped we are financially but I know we are pretty lucky.  Hubs and I both have good jobs, a house (actually 2 if you want to buy one), and we always know we will have food on the table (even if it is ramen).

Our church had several Angel trees this year (I think a lot of churches do this but if you aren’t familiar- ornaments with specific needs are put on a tree, people pick an ornament and buy the items, wrap them and bring them back to the church for distribution).  Every week for 3 weeks, Hubs and I walked past the trees thinking we couldn’t afford to help out this year.  But the week before the gifts were due back with the trees still very full, Bubba and Dude were insistent that they each get to pick an ornament and buy presents for kids in need.  They even offered up their own money. They were not prompted or coerced by anyone.  Our boys saw a need and wanted to fill it.  They wanted to give a gift. They wanted to show love to others.  To me, that is what Santa is.  By the way… we did pick a couple of ornaments to fill and they boys had a great time shopping and wrapping for what they called their secret Santa gifts.

We were also recipients of the magic of Santa. A friend wanted to offer that magic to our kids.  She filled their wish list in ways we would not have been able to this year.  We are so grateful for her generosity.  Santa was real this year.

A friend (I am sorry but i don’t remember who) posted on Facebook a few days before Christmas “so what if you don’t get what you want for Christmas- it’s not your birthday anyway.”  What a powerful statement. We are celebrating Jesus’ birthday. We give gifts in honor of the greatest gift ever given.

I pray that my kids continue to grow into Godly men.  I pray they continue to give with a joyful spirit.  I pray they remember and honor they greatest gift.  Santa was real this year in ways that a red suit and reindeer don’t justify.  This year was the best Christmas I can remember.

How was your Christmas?



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