so it has been 15 days since i made my resolutions and i have not blogged anything.  i feel like such a slacker.  well not really.  i have been busy keeping up with my resolutions.  i am happy to report that i am doing pretty good.

here’s a recap of my progress:

I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  yes, i know most of it is probably water weight but i have been making really good choices in the last 2 weeks. i have been staying away from the yummy cookies the lunch ladies make for the teachers.  i have stopped getting donuts in the morning and i have switched from soda to tea. i am sort of starving right now but it is the price i have to pay since  i have not been to the y nearly as much as i would like. the hubs has been sick and he is my motivator.  but hey, 10 pounds is 10 pounds and i am on track to lose more.

my goal to track every penny is working out great.  hubs is on board and in the last 2 weeks we have had some great conversations about our goals and what it will take to get there.  we are both working hard to keep our spending in check and track where everything is going.  we are even on our way to a real budget.  i feel pretty grown up about it.

i am not doing so hot at the housekeeping thing.  hey give me a break though, i am starving over hear (see above). i have gotten back into the habit of making my bed everyday. it is amazing how much better our room looks when the bed is made.  i am also trying to get into the habit of putting the dishes away after they are washed rather than letting them sit in the drainer on the counter (remember we don’t have a dishwasher,boo).  the kitchen looks a lot better when the counters are clear.  i do need to recognize the hubs now because he does a pretty good job of whole house cleaning on saturdays while i am working at the shoe store.  maybe i made the housekeeping resolution for him.

I feel the most successful in my goal of reading the bible daily.  i am on it.  i have started following a blog about reading the new testament in 90 days.  it has really helped me to stay on track and has some great explanations for things i get stuck on.  if you want to start up, it isn’t too late.  you can join up now.

so there you have it.  my first update.  i need to get back on track with a regular blogging schedule but i am cleaning (sort of) and reading and starving myself right now so there isn’t a lot of time left over.

how are you doing with your resolutions?


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