technology fail

i have just spent the last 15 minutes typing a blog to complain about the technology (or lack of) in my school district.

I used my better judgement and deleted it.

I love using technology in my classroom.  apparently my principal thinks i am pretty innovative because she keeps sending teachers to observe me.

this is funny to me because I know many of my friends are way better at using technology than i am and are doing some pretty awesome things with a huge variety of resources in their classrooms.


just wondering your thoughts on creating 21st century learners.  how do you use technology in the classroom?  how have you been successful with technology in your classroom?  what are some tech fails you have had?  how do you overcome your issues with technology?

by the way… wordpress has decided to refresh a 10,000 times as i am typing this.  i call this a partial tech fail.


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