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re-surge of the bedtime battle

I have been doing some informal tracking as the weather improves.

One thing I have noticed is that with the longer days and warmer temps the bedtime battle has returned.  The frequency and duration of said battles seems to be building at about the same rate the temperature rises.

The battle techniques are becoming more advanced as well.  The crazy ailments (headaches, leg pains, nausea, etc) are often followed with miraculous recoveries.  A few nights ago Dude fell out of bed (with an alarming thud followed by and giggle fit).  The bird across the street as well as our own dog have also provided great ammunition for the boys.

Tonight battle strategy proves that my boys are going to qualify for the gifted program at school.  They have a fan in their room to provide circulation as well as to drown out the squawking from across the street (this was our response to two prior battles).  Bubba and Dude strategically moved the fan so that it would keep blowing the door open thus requiring the Hubs or myself to get up and re-close the door (unfortunately it won’t stay latched on its own).  It took about 3 times before I finally looked into the room (assuming Dude was getting out of bed and opening the door) before I figured out what was going on.

Those stinkers.  They are asleep now so I can put another mark in the win column for us tonight, but they came awfully close to winning tonight.


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I lost a bet

At the beginning of basketball season I had a couple of students talking smack back and forth about their preferred teams.

One boy is an Missouri Tigers fan while the other is and Kansas Jayhawks fan.  They are were best friends at this point (not sure how it is going now).  Both are great kids that I really enjoy having in class.

Anyway the KU fan was talking nonsense (as most KU fans do) and the MU fan wasn’t really able to respond.  Me, being a caring teacher and not wanting him to get hurt, intervened.  The conversation took a twist and I was the one that ended up taking smack.  (How/why do I get into these arguments with 8th grade boys?).

Somehow a bet was made.  A wager I was sure I would win based on how MU was rocking at the time.  A wager that I had to pay out on today.

My young KU fan bet me that KU would make it to the FINAL FOUR while MU sat at home and watched.  They way the bet was worded made it so that was the only way he would win.  If they both made it, I would win.  If neither made it, I would win.

MU won the Big 12 tourney.  They drew a 2nd seed in the NCAA tournament against an unknown (where is Norfolk State anyway?).  Many were picking the Tigers to go to the final four.  I was feeling pretty good heading into spring break two weeks ago.  I would be getting a bottle of Coke and a package of M&Ms from my trash talking student.

Then MU choked.  And KU won.  And then they won again.  And they won a third time.  And now they are preparing to play in New Orleans.

And in front of 25 students in my 5th hour class today I had to hand over a Coke and a package of M&Ms to my student.  (but don’t worry, the Coke was warm and the M&Ms had gotten melty in my car so he couldn’t enjoy either right away).

I am sure this young man will not remember how to graph a line or solve an equation but he will always remember that I lost his bet in 8th grade math.


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Whose kid writes this stuff?


In case you can’t read/understand this it says:
“If I went to the market I would get celery and broccoli and make a cheese salad.”
What kid, if they could buy anything at the store, would buy stuff for a salad?


This kid is who writes that kind of thing.  The kid that prefers butter scotch candies over chocolate. The one that wants carrots instead of chips.

The one that learned to ride a two wheeler today.  The one that got “advanced” on every part of his report card.

That’s Bubba.  And I love him.

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more than a week ago that ahhh was a sigh of relief.

now it is a freak out ahhh!!! (with 3 exclamation marks to boot) because an amazing spring break is over.

my tests and late work aren’t completely graded.
i left my plan book at school so i am going to have to wing it tomorrow.
the laundry is piled up from the weekend.

another part of my ahhh!!! is that the neighbors have gotten a bird.
a really REALLY LOUD bird.  it is squawking up a storm across the street.

these are the same neighbors that breed great danes.  the ones that have piles upon piles of stinky poop (from the 3 great danes they currently have) piled up downwind from our house.

It is an incredibly beautiful night to have the windows open.  but i am not sure which is worse…
the squawking
the smell of the not so fresh air
the loud trucks that keep idling in front of the house as ‘friends’ come the check out the zoo
or the fact that all of this has distracted me from getting anything accomplished tonight.

it will be okay.  grades aren’t due until tuesday at 3:30.

oh and there are only 9 more weeks until summer vacation.

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that ahhhhh is a sigh of relief.

it is spring break. one glorious week of no school.  beautiful weather is forcasted.  i have no obligations for 5 wonderful weekdays.

well, sort of on the no obligations thing.  you see i have a mountain of late work and tests to grade.

i have to say that late work is the bane of my existence.  it is what is going to drive me over the edge.  this morning before school i posted a list of more than 100 names (many of them repeats) of missing assignments.  i also used this day as a time to make up missing work.  the kids that had nothing missing got to have a “free day” to just hang out.  the others had 49 minutes to get caught up.

now i have hours of grading to catch up on.  i am a glutton for punishment.

something about this that i find amazing, is that at 2:50 i still had about 50 names on my list.  and i had several girls crying in my room that they weren’t going to get their work done and that they were going to get into trouble if their grades dropped and they didn’t know why they had gotten behind and they begged me to please please please let them turn stuff in after spring break.

and i am cruel and heartless and i said no.  they had more than enough time to turn in their work and i did not feel sorry for them since i had given them lists 2 weeks ago, their homework assignment every night this week was to do late work, i gave them another list yesterday, and they had all day today to work on stuff but they just hung out.  too bad. so sad.

The best part of today, though, is that it was the last day of 3rd quarter bus duty.  the worst part of my job is supervising wild middle school boys in the gym while they wait for the buses to arrive.  it is not fun.  woohoo for the end of bus duty.

I am so excited for some quality time with the boys that i don’t care that i have 130 tests to grade.  it will get done.  grades aren’t due until the 19th.  I got this.

when is your spring break?  do you have any big plans?

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I’m dreaming again

So last night I ate a brownie right before bed (sorry biggest loser team) and ended up having a crazy dream.
I dreamed that I was picking Dude up from daycare on a Saturday but he was napping. The hubs was at work and I needed to go to work (as a bagger at the grocery store). I was more than an hour late for work so the sitter agreed to keep Dude till hubs got off. I have no idea where Bubba was in all of this.
Anyway as I was leaving the sitter I saw a “drive by” shooting. Only the shooter was on a 10 speed bike. After he shot towards his target, the shooter turned to shoot at the witnesses (that was me).
I had a Matrix moment where I watched the bullets go by and hit other things.  The shooter rode off. I started going. He realized I wasn’t dead and turned his bike around to finish me. He shot again and this time the matrix failed me because I took a bullet to the side of the neck.  (By the way… I woke up and that spot is sore now).
I was rescued after I pulled my car out into traffic on a busy road. My dream wrapped up with me in a hospital with a bandage on my neck.  
Dream people… What does this mean?

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march resolution update

So here we are… 2 and (almost) a half months into 2012 and I am (sort of) sticking to my resolutions.

Here is an update:

As of last Friday I have lost about 15 pounds.  These are real pounds- not just water weight.  I am going with last Friday’s official weigh in from our biggest loser competition because I did not like today’s unofficial number.  I ate Chinese take out for dinner on Saturday and have gained 7 pounds since Friday!!!!  I feel like a water balloon that is about to pop.  I have been drinking a ton of water and eating produce like there is no tomorrow.  (this is providing great entertainment and conversation for Bubba and Dude (see here for more about that) but not so great on the air freshener budget if you know what i mean…).  Anyone have a great “get rid of water weight fast without doing long-term damage” tips?  Please post them in the comments below.

I continue to track every penny that goes in and out of our bank account and as a result we are starting to build up our emergency fund, are seeing the snowball start to grown as we pay down some debt and we are even starting to save up to replace the windows in our house.  We have not been eating out in 2012 like we have in years past and I really don’t miss it too much.  Especially after Saturday’s (our first take out in over a month!) Chinese food bloat.

I am failing miserably at my resolution to keep our house clean.  I suck at cleaning.  I am keeping the kitchen clean and not letting the laundry pile up but our tiny (800 sq ft) house is super cluttered so it always looks a mess.

I am most proud of the fact that I have read about 3/4 of the New Testament so far.  I am keeping up with my resolution to read the New Testament in 90 days.  Only 24 days left and I am on track to finish on time.  Thanks to this site and this site for letting me follow along.  My Lenten discipline has been to read the book “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idelman.  It is a challenging book that is making me think and reflect on who I am as a Christian.  Check out the book’s website here.

I am off to drink some lemon water.  Hope to not be so puffy in the morning.

How are you doing with your resolutions?

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