magical fruit?

Did you know…

that beans are a magical fruit?

and that the more you eat them the more you toot?

and that the more you toot the better you feel?

According to my children, we should have beans at every meal.

Let me back up a few steps.  I come from a family that enjoys talking about bodily functions.  It is not a family affair unless we talk about poop.  It has been that way for as long as I remember.  I am willing to guess that there are more families out there like ours… I hope.

Anyway, being the good perfect daughter that I am, I have committed to passing along family traditions to my children.  Dinner time bathroom conversations included.

Tonight at dinner we were talking about foods that we don’t like (hubs says peas, Bubba says oranges, I say mushrooms) when Dude announced that he does not like anything with beans.

I reminded him that they are the magical fruit.

The boys wanted to know why.

The hubs added that they make you toot.

Thus the rhyme above.  And for the rest of the night that is all the boys wanted to say.  They got to laughing so hard they fell over.  They wanted to call everyone we know (we limited it to my parents, brother and sister in case were worried that you missed the call.  on a side note, Bubba was really upset that I wouldn’t let him call his girlfriend to tell her).

I called my parents house.  no answer.
I called my mom’s cell.  voicemail
I called my dad’s cell.  voicemail
are they screening my calls?
I called my sister’s cell.  voicemail
They are probably all together doing something cool.
I called my brother’s cell. 
If he doesn’t answer I will probably cry.
He answered (because he loves me) and they boys immediately started singing their new favorite song.
My bro starts laughing but immediately says, “I can’t talk right now.  I am going to have to call you back.”  He is super cool so this doesn’t really surprise me.  He is usually doing something hip.

About 5 minutes later my mom calls.  The boys sing their song.  We chat for a second but she says she has to go because they were at a memorial service.  Oops.
(yep they were all together and they were screening their calls)


Questions:  Do you have inappropriate dinner time conversations in your family?  Have you ever called an interrupted something sacred with something not so sacred?



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2 responses to “magical fruit?

  1. Brenda

    Of course not. I having dinner the other night with your sister and lots of bodily functions were discussed. In public naturally.

  2. Brenda

    I meant of course it is appropriate.

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