I’m dreaming again

So last night I ate a brownie right before bed (sorry biggest loser team) and ended up having a crazy dream.
I dreamed that I was picking Dude up from daycare on a Saturday but he was napping. The hubs was at work and I needed to go to work (as a bagger at the grocery store). I was more than an hour late for work so the sitter agreed to keep Dude till hubs got off. I have no idea where Bubba was in all of this.
Anyway as I was leaving the sitter I saw a “drive by” shooting. Only the shooter was on a 10 speed bike. After he shot towards his target, the shooter turned to shoot at the witnesses (that was me).
I had a Matrix moment where I watched the bullets go by and hit other things.  The shooter rode off. I started going. He realized I wasn’t dead and turned his bike around to finish me. He shot again and this time the matrix failed me because I took a bullet to the side of the neck.  (By the way… I woke up and that spot is sore now).
I was rescued after I pulled my car out into traffic on a busy road. My dream wrapped up with me in a hospital with a bandage on my neck.  
Dream people… What does this mean?


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