that ahhhhh is a sigh of relief.

it is spring break. one glorious week of no school.  beautiful weather is forcasted.  i have no obligations for 5 wonderful weekdays.

well, sort of on the no obligations thing.  you see i have a mountain of late work and tests to grade.

i have to say that late work is the bane of my existence.  it is what is going to drive me over the edge.  this morning before school i posted a list of more than 100 names (many of them repeats) of missing assignments.  i also used this day as a time to make up missing work.  the kids that had nothing missing got to have a “free day” to just hang out.  the others had 49 minutes to get caught up.

now i have hours of grading to catch up on.  i am a glutton for punishment.

something about this that i find amazing, is that at 2:50 i still had about 50 names on my list.  and i had several girls crying in my room that they weren’t going to get their work done and that they were going to get into trouble if their grades dropped and they didn’t know why they had gotten behind and they begged me to please please please let them turn stuff in after spring break.

and i am cruel and heartless and i said no.  they had more than enough time to turn in their work and i did not feel sorry for them since i had given them lists 2 weeks ago, their homework assignment every night this week was to do late work, i gave them another list yesterday, and they had all day today to work on stuff but they just hung out.  too bad. so sad.

The best part of today, though, is that it was the last day of 3rd quarter bus duty.  the worst part of my job is supervising wild middle school boys in the gym while they wait for the buses to arrive.  it is not fun.  woohoo for the end of bus duty.

I am so excited for some quality time with the boys that i don’t care that i have 130 tests to grade.  it will get done.  grades aren’t due until the 19th.  I got this.

when is your spring break?  do you have any big plans?


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