more than a week ago that ahhh was a sigh of relief.

now it is a freak out ahhh!!! (with 3 exclamation marks to boot) because an amazing spring break is over.

my tests and late work aren’t completely graded.
i left my plan book at school so i am going to have to wing it tomorrow.
the laundry is piled up from the weekend.

another part of my ahhh!!! is that the neighbors have gotten a bird.
a really REALLY LOUD bird.  it is squawking up a storm across the street.

these are the same neighbors that breed great danes.  the ones that have piles upon piles of stinky poop (from the 3 great danes they currently have) piled up downwind from our house.

It is an incredibly beautiful night to have the windows open.  but i am not sure which is worse…
the squawking
the smell of the not so fresh air
the loud trucks that keep idling in front of the house as ‘friends’ come the check out the zoo
or the fact that all of this has distracted me from getting anything accomplished tonight.

it will be okay.  grades aren’t due until tuesday at 3:30.

oh and there are only 9 more weeks until summer vacation.


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