I lost a bet

At the beginning of basketball season I had a couple of students talking smack back and forth about their preferred teams.

One boy is an Missouri Tigers fan while the other is and Kansas Jayhawks fan.  They are were best friends at this point (not sure how it is going now).  Both are great kids that I really enjoy having in class.

Anyway the KU fan was talking nonsense (as most KU fans do) and the MU fan wasn’t really able to respond.  Me, being a caring teacher and not wanting him to get hurt, intervened.  The conversation took a twist and I was the one that ended up taking smack.  (How/why do I get into these arguments with 8th grade boys?).

Somehow a bet was made.  A wager I was sure I would win based on how MU was rocking at the time.  A wager that I had to pay out on today.

My young KU fan bet me that KU would make it to the FINAL FOUR while MU sat at home and watched.  They way the bet was worded made it so that was the only way he would win.  If they both made it, I would win.  If neither made it, I would win.

MU won the Big 12 tourney.  They drew a 2nd seed in the NCAA tournament against an unknown (where is Norfolk State anyway?).  Many were picking the Tigers to go to the final four.  I was feeling pretty good heading into spring break two weeks ago.  I would be getting a bottle of Coke and a package of M&Ms from my trash talking student.

Then MU choked.  And KU won.  And then they won again.  And they won a third time.  And now they are preparing to play in New Orleans.

And in front of 25 students in my 5th hour class today I had to hand over a Coke and a package of M&Ms to my student.  (but don’t worry, the Coke was warm and the M&Ms had gotten melty in my car so he couldn’t enjoy either right away).

I am sure this young man will not remember how to graph a line or solve an equation but he will always remember that I lost his bet in 8th grade math.



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