re-surge of the bedtime battle

I have been doing some informal tracking as the weather improves.

One thing I have noticed is that with the longer days and warmer temps the bedtime battle has returned.  The frequency and duration of said battles seems to be building at about the same rate the temperature rises.

The battle techniques are becoming more advanced as well.  The crazy ailments (headaches, leg pains, nausea, etc) are often followed with miraculous recoveries.  A few nights ago Dude fell out of bed (with an alarming thud followed by and giggle fit).  The bird across the street as well as our own dog have also provided great ammunition for the boys.

Tonight battle strategy proves that my boys are going to qualify for the gifted program at school.  They have a fan in their room to provide circulation as well as to drown out the squawking from across the street (this was our response to two prior battles).  Bubba and Dude strategically moved the fan so that it would keep blowing the door open thus requiring the Hubs or myself to get up and re-close the door (unfortunately it won’t stay latched on its own).  It took about 3 times before I finally looked into the room (assuming Dude was getting out of bed and opening the door) before I figured out what was going on.

Those stinkers.  They are asleep now so I can put another mark in the win column for us tonight, but they came awfully close to winning tonight.


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