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Doesn’t he look so sweet?  He was karate chopping the Hubs’ head off a few minutes before crashing and burning.
Dude is our spunky, shoot from the hip, unable to tell a lie fireball.  He loves hot dogs, oranges and grapes. He hates anything remotely girly.
He is a super snuggler and has the best laugh in the world. Dude is our entertainer and we love everything about him.



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8 years

This would be the year that Sarah would have been in 2nd grade.  April 23 marks 8 yrs since I delivered our stillborn baby girl.  I can’t believe how much time has passed and how much life has been lived since that day.

I remember the ultrasound where we saw that she had stopped growing.  That her heart was no longer beating.  I remember the doctor giving us the news.  I remember the waiting in Stones River Hospital.  Waiting for labor to progress.  Waiting for the pain to be over.  Waiting for an answer.

I remember the feeling of being hit by a truck- the pain of mourning.  I remember the tears.  I remember feeling like I would never be able to move on.  I remember all of the love, support, and encouragement from all of my family, friends, and coworkers.  I remember feeling so alone in our crowed little apartment.

I remember her first birthday and the fear that I was the only one that would think of Sarah.  I remember the fear that my pregnancy with Bubba (and later Dude) would end the same way Sarah’s did.  I remember being afraid of how I would tell people.

8 years later all of that seems so small in comparison to God’s grace.  In the last 8 years, we have been more than blessed.  We have been loved, encouraged, and supported.

Sarah is a part of our family.  When the boys draw pictures of all of us, they always include Sarah with angel wings.  When people ask about our family, I think about how I explain Sarah.  The boys freely tell about their sister in heaven- about their personal angel.

God has used this tragedy to shape and direct our lives.  We know that every second is a blessing.  The hope in meeting our baby in heaven is great.  God is good and we are so lucky to have so much even in such a loss.


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i am starting to feel old

As you may know, my 32nd birthday is coming soon. (want to buy me a present? check out my wish list here)

Today marked the last day of MAP testing for my 8th graders.  Instead of moving onto the next chapter in our text-book, I decided to give my students a “brain break” and show a movie.

Of course, my time at Ritenour Middle ingrained into me that any movie must be tied to the curriculum and be justified in a lesson plan.  I definitely don’t miss that but it does make me think about what I show.  No Cars or Despicable Me in my classroom.  I am usually disturbed when I see a movie being played in a classroom that is not directly related to the course content.

Anyway, I headed to our awesome library yesterday afternoon to pick out a video worthy of showing in my math classroom.  I walked away with 3 VHS tapes!!!  Apparently the math movie genre isn’t booming and there are not any current up-to-date options.  I settled on “Math …Who Needs It?”  It was produced in the 90s- when I was in middle school.  It is older than my students.  The glory days of the 1990s hair and fashion was shining in this video.  The “modern technology” is not so modern anymore but the kids got the picture in the sense that, regardless of their future goals, math is going to be relevant.

What made me feel old is the fact that in one clip about how rock stars use math, the video features Billy Joel.  Most of my students have never heard of him.  One student asked if he is blind.  Another student asked if he is a real singer.  A third told me that she thinks her grandma went to one of his concert a really long time ago.

On a positive note, my classes with total stinker kids (you know the ones that bug you all year) were totally into the video.  They were awake and leaning in to watch.  And I didn’t even assign a worksheet to go with it.  Woohoo!

How do you feel about movies in the classroom?  Do you show things that are older than your students?

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face plant

We are flipping between the Royals game (i know…) and Ninja Warrior on G4 (it is one of those make a fool of yourself Japanese obstacle courses with commentary in Japanese and bad subtitles. check it out here)

There is a lot of face planting going on on Ninja Warrior and it made me laugh a lot.

I did not expect to see face planting in the Royals game.  However, I saw one tonight.  Alex Gordon made an amazing diving catch.  In the process his face slammed into the ground.  OUCH!!

The image made me flash back to 9th grade volleyball practice.  It was homecoming week.  I was supposed to get braces the next week.

I wanted to be an athlete but I will be honest with everyone… I sucked.  I was the fat kid that had great spirit and that is why I always made the team.

Anyway… back to volleyball practice.  We were working on digs (I think that is what they were called- diving for a ball that was about to hit the ground) and I was   into it hoping practice would end early so I could work on spirit week stuff.  I took my turn and dove threw myself to the floor hoping I wouldn’t look like a beached whale flopping on the ground.  (Just a FYI… i never wore the little spanky shorts for volleyball and would never have gone out for the team if they were a requirement)

In the process of hitting the ball (I am pretty sure it was an awesome hit) I face planted on the gym floor.  I tried to take a bite of the freshly waxed floors but instead the floor bit back.  My front tooth broke off.  I looked like I had been in a hockey fight.

Its okay… you can laugh.  And if you were there (and remember this), please share your version of the dive tell me how awesome the dive was.

Thank goodness for a good dentist.  Not only did he fix my tooth the next day, he did so in a way that filled the gap in my front teeth (previously wide enough to fit a pencil) so I looked like I had great teeth in my homecoming pictures.  I did get braces but they skipped that tooth (which looked really bad) for about 6 months.  I have had the front tooth replaced a few times since because the fake ones don’t last forever and I am permanently scarred by the face plant.

Stay safe out there.

Do you have a face plant story?  Please share with me.

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Birthday wishes

This post is directed to anyone who cares, anyone that loves me, and anyone willing to nudge my husband.

My birthday is in 2 weeks (may 1st- mark your calendar). I am turning 32.  The hubs missed my birthday the first 3 yrs we were married. He redeemed himself with my 30 b-day bash. But often he needs a bit of reminding So if you know him (or want to get me a present yourself) here is my birthday wish list. (In no particular order)

*A new pair of running shoes.  I work in a shoe store so u have several picked out and can let you use my employee discount.
*A St. Louis Cardinals jersey… I would love to have a Berkman, Freeze or Holliday jersey (ps I am a bad speller… I love those boys but probably mispelled their names)
*A st Louis cardinals T-shirt.  I have one but it is getting pretty ratty.
*A new case for my Droid Incredible… Mine is in really bad shape.
*New clothes… After all what girl doesn’t want to go shopping?

I am sure I could add to the list but I don’t want to get greedy.  (Wait… This post already sounds greedy, doesn’t it?)

When is your birthday? What do you want for your birthday?

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things that bug me

Life is great right now.  I have no reason to complain about anything so please take this in the way that it is intended.

There are a lot of little things that just get on my nerves.  I have no control over these things and I can not do anything to fix them.  I need to get over them but I am not there yet.  Here are a few.
(I am going to blame my mom for the first 2- sorry mom)
*gum smacking
*the misuse of the words seen and saw
*the misuse of the words was and were
*food left on the plates when they are put in the sink
*shirts tucked into pants without belts
*shoes that don’t match an outfit
*hair in people’s face
*when my glasses fog up from humidity
*8th graders that act like 1st graders
*8th graders that act like 30 yr olds (although I will take the latter over the former)
*when there is food in my teeth and i don’t have dental floss (like right now)

So what bugs you?


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birthday party invite

We have successfully avoided the birthday party circuit for over 6 years.

That is until this week.  Bubba came home this week with a party invitation.  It is an afternoon party and all the kids in his class are invited.  The invitation also said that the boys could stay the night.

The hubs and I talked and we agreed that Bubba could go to the party but Bubba would not be staying the night.  We talked to him about this and he is not happy but is going to have to live with it.

I called the mom of the birthday boy tonight to RSVP.  I don’t know her (not even her name- it wasn’t on the invite) We chatted a bit a bit about how excited the boys are to have a birthday party.  I told her that Bubba would be there but would not be staying the night.

She asked me why he wouldn’t stay the night.  I started with he is only 6 and has never had a sleepover and that the hubs and I are worried that it will be midnight and he will be crying to come home.  The mom said that it wasn’t a big deal and if that happened she would bring him home.  I kind of played it off with the nervous overprotective worried mother deal and she kept trying to reassure me.  She invited me to come to the party early, described her house, etc.  She was very nice and encouraging.  But she really wanted to have Bubba sleep over with the rest of the boys (because all of the other boys will be staying).

Finally I said to her something like this:
I don’t want to question or offend you in any way but I don’t know you.  I am uncomfortable letting my son stay the night at a house where I don’t know the parents.

She was very accepting of my statement and said that she completely understood but continued to try to convince me to let him sleep over.  I said we would play it by ear on Saturday.

So here are my questions…
Is kindergarten too young for a slumber party?
How well do you know parents (or their kids for that matter-because i have never even met the child) before you let your child sleep over at their house?
Was I wrong to tell her that I don’t want my son spending the night with people I don’t know?

Help, please.


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