birthday party invite

We have successfully avoided the birthday party circuit for over 6 years.

That is until this week.  Bubba came home this week with a party invitation.  It is an afternoon party and all the kids in his class are invited.  The invitation also said that the boys could stay the night.

The hubs and I talked and we agreed that Bubba could go to the party but Bubba would not be staying the night.  We talked to him about this and he is not happy but is going to have to live with it.

I called the mom of the birthday boy tonight to RSVP.  I don’t know her (not even her name- it wasn’t on the invite) We chatted a bit a bit about how excited the boys are to have a birthday party.  I told her that Bubba would be there but would not be staying the night.

She asked me why he wouldn’t stay the night.  I started with he is only 6 and has never had a sleepover and that the hubs and I are worried that it will be midnight and he will be crying to come home.  The mom said that it wasn’t a big deal and if that happened she would bring him home.  I kind of played it off with the nervous overprotective worried mother deal and she kept trying to reassure me.  She invited me to come to the party early, described her house, etc.  She was very nice and encouraging.  But she really wanted to have Bubba sleep over with the rest of the boys (because all of the other boys will be staying).

Finally I said to her something like this:
I don’t want to question or offend you in any way but I don’t know you.  I am uncomfortable letting my son stay the night at a house where I don’t know the parents.

She was very accepting of my statement and said that she completely understood but continued to try to convince me to let him sleep over.  I said we would play it by ear on Saturday.

So here are my questions…
Is kindergarten too young for a slumber party?
How well do you know parents (or their kids for that matter-because i have never even met the child) before you let your child sleep over at their house?
Was I wrong to tell her that I don’t want my son spending the night with people I don’t know?

Help, please.



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  1. 6 years old and they’re having an all class slumber party??!? Yeah, that’s not right. I could see having a sleep over at a best friend’s house, but even then that’s pretty young. And I’m with you, would definitely not allow that at a house with parents I don’t even know. Wow.

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