things that bug me

Life is great right now.  I have no reason to complain about anything so please take this in the way that it is intended.

There are a lot of little things that just get on my nerves.  I have no control over these things and I can not do anything to fix them.  I need to get over them but I am not there yet.  Here are a few.
(I am going to blame my mom for the first 2- sorry mom)
*gum smacking
*the misuse of the words seen and saw
*the misuse of the words was and were
*food left on the plates when they are put in the sink
*shirts tucked into pants without belts
*shoes that don’t match an outfit
*hair in people’s face
*when my glasses fog up from humidity
*8th graders that act like 1st graders
*8th graders that act like 30 yr olds (although I will take the latter over the former)
*when there is food in my teeth and i don’t have dental floss (like right now)

So what bugs you?



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3 responses to “things that bug me

  1. Yes, i seriously understand 1 & 4… it erks me.
    What bothers me? Loud people in quiet places. Haha

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