face plant

We are flipping between the Royals game (i know…) and Ninja Warrior on G4 (it is one of those make a fool of yourself Japanese obstacle courses with commentary in Japanese and bad subtitles. check it out here)

There is a lot of face planting going on on Ninja Warrior and it made me laugh a lot.

I did not expect to see face planting in the Royals game.  However, I saw one tonight.  Alex Gordon made an amazing diving catch.  In the process his face slammed into the ground.  OUCH!!

The image made me flash back to 9th grade volleyball practice.  It was homecoming week.  I was supposed to get braces the next week.

I wanted to be an athlete but I will be honest with everyone… I sucked.  I was the fat kid that had great spirit and that is why I always made the team.

Anyway… back to volleyball practice.  We were working on digs (I think that is what they were called- diving for a ball that was about to hit the ground) and I was   into it hoping practice would end early so I could work on spirit week stuff.  I took my turn and dove threw myself to the floor hoping I wouldn’t look like a beached whale flopping on the ground.  (Just a FYI… i never wore the little spanky shorts for volleyball and would never have gone out for the team if they were a requirement)

In the process of hitting the ball (I am pretty sure it was an awesome hit) I face planted on the gym floor.  I tried to take a bite of the freshly waxed floors but instead the floor bit back.  My front tooth broke off.  I looked like I had been in a hockey fight.

Its okay… you can laugh.  And if you were there (and remember this), please share your version of the dive tell me how awesome the dive was.

Thank goodness for a good dentist.  Not only did he fix my tooth the next day, he did so in a way that filled the gap in my front teeth (previously wide enough to fit a pencil) so I looked like I had great teeth in my homecoming pictures.  I did get braces but they skipped that tooth (which looked really bad) for about 6 months.  I have had the front tooth replaced a few times since because the fake ones don’t last forever and I am permanently scarred by the face plant.

Stay safe out there.

Do you have a face plant story?  Please share with me.


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