baseball lessons

We watch baseball in our house nearly everyday from April until October.  If you don’t already know… I bleed Cardinal red.  I was born and raised in Cardinal Nation.  I have many memories of opening day pep rallies, hot summer nights at the game, skipping school on early spring days to watch the Thursday day games (oh, wait… my parents didn’t know that).  The radio was always tuned to KMOX   (1120 on the am dial) when the red birds were playing.

The hubs is not a Cardinal fan.  He grew up on the west side of the state and is a long-suffering Royals fan. 11 years of our marriage and 5 years of living in St. Louis could not convert him.

Since moving to Nevada, MO though, I have to say, circumstances are leading me in another direction.
DON’T GET ME WRONG… I AM FIRST AND FOREMOST A CARDINAL FAN.  However, we live in an area that is considered Royals territory.  If we want to watch a game, it has to be the Royals.

At first this was a painful thing for me.  But I am starting to root for the underdog.  Don’t worry, when they face the Cards this summer I will be wearing red.  The thing is my boys love watching baseball.  Since the Royals are on, they are following their daddy’s love (against my better judgement…).

I love to see them getting into the game.  Learning baseball.  Asking questions about whats going on.  Knowing the players and their stats.  They are excited about the sport.

Every night they learn some new aspect of the game. Winning (a great thing when you are a Cardinal fan) and losing streaks (unfortunate part of being a Royals fan) The American League and the National League.  Batting average and what makes a slugger.  The infield and outfield positions.

Tonight’s learning topic- the balk.  Boston’s pitcher Bard had 2 balks in the 2nd inning.  How does that happen?  Balks aren’t called all that often and he had 2 within 6 pitches.

The rest of the evening was spent with Dude running around the house yelling (in a deep voice) “MOOSE!!!” for Kansas City’s Mike Moustakas.  Bubba kept asking if every throw over to 1st base was a balk.  He probably going to go to his 1st t-ball practice questioning if there was a balk on that play. (by the way… he is not too excited about the fact that he has to hit off a tee since he considers himself a slugger. but that is for a different blog).

Don’t hate me for it but I am becoming a Royals fan.

Who do your baseball loyalties belong to?


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