sudden tears

Tonight we had two meetings at church.

The first was an organizational/information meeting for our summer mission trip.  The Campbell family is going to Canada in July to work with native groups and  help with church planting.  We are feeling a strong call to go and are really excited.  (However, Bubba is pretty concerned about the 18 hour car ride.)

The second meeting was a leader debriefing following our spring semester of the Alpha course.  This is a ministry that the Hubs and I head up at our church.  We have seen some really great things happen through our involvement in the Alpha course over the last 7+ years.  Our lives were transformed through the Alpha course flowing the death of our baby.

It has been a little over 8 years since Sarah went to be with Jesus.  This year I made it through her birthday on April 23rd with no tears.  The boys made it easier to celebrate her because they love talking about their sister the angel.

Tonight however, it was mentioned that a financial gift was given to our church that was designated specifically for the Alpha ministry.  Our pastor said it was from someone that is not affiliated with our church.  He then said the name.  I lost it immediately.

On April 23rd someone very close to the Hubs and I made a donation in memory of Sarah to a ministry that means so much to us.

I have recently been connected another family that has lost a baby in a similar manner.  As I read their blog, my emotions are raw.  My heart is breaking for them and my wounds are reopening.  After 8 years my tears are fewer and further between but tonight they flowed easily.

Tonight I encourage you to pray for families that have dealt with infant loss.  I also encourage you to explore where God is leading you to serve.  Then take the risk and serve Him.


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  1. You give me encouragement to know that things do get better, but that even after 8 years, the tears still flow, as they should. Thank you.

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