summer is coming

Tomorrow I am chaperoning the 8th grade trip to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.  I have never really enjoyed field trips but I am sort of looking forward to this trip.  The primary reason is that it one day closer to the end of the school year.

I have had a fantastic school year but as it wraps up I am glad it is over.  The kids are checking out and I am tired.

Our official last day of the school is Friday but I am taking personal days on Thursday and Friday so my last day is Wednesday.  I will be kicking off my summer with my brother’s wedding festival.  I am really excited to be a part of his wedding this weekend.

After the wedding celebration my summer will be in full swing.  I will be participating in some summer professional development during the 1st week of June and working at the shoe store on Saturdays.  We are going on a mission trip in for a week in July that we are really excited about. The rest of the summer will be spent chilling with the boys.

We don’t have any set plans.  I want to do some heavy duty cleaning and purging of stuff.  We will probably go see a movie or two.  I am sure I will pull out the kiddy pool so the boys can splash around.  We might make a trip to the city pool (only because I love the boys and they love to go… I hate it).

I am starting to look for some fun (free) stuff to do in western Missouri (Kansas City or Joplin) or things within a couple hour drive from Nevada, MO. I would love to hear any ideas you might have.

What are your summer plans?


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  1. Check out the Deanna Rose Farm It is free during the week, except for feeding the animals. My boys love it!

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