play ball

The boys have started playing baseball.  (actually, Bubba is playing t-ball and Dude is playing blast ball)

Before I go any further, let me explain t-ball and blast ball.  In both, the kids hit the ball off a tee.  In t-ball, they run all the bases.  In blast ball, they only run to 1st base.  When they stomp on the bag it makes a blasting noise.  Also, in both the whole team bats then the whole team plays in the outfield- no assigned positions.  In both, there are no strikes, outs, or keeping score.

These things bothered me a lot about the boys playing.  How are they supposed to learn the rules?  Is it too touchy-feely if we don’t have outs or keeps score.  However, after watching, I realized it doesn’t matter.  For preschoolers and kindergartners, they just want to hit the ball and run the bases.  The younger ones only have one base to help them learn which direction to run.  After watching a couple of games, it works for me.

Bubba’s first game was Monday night.  He was into it.  Hustling into the field, calling for the ball when it was in play, hitting well and running like it meant something.

Not all kids on his team were into, though.  There was a little boy that sat down on the pitcher’s mound.  Another flopped in the dirt in the middle of the infield making a dirt-angel.  Another walked up to the umpire and stared her down- like he was daring her to yell at him.  Many of them couldn’t figure out how to run once they made contact.  Some of them just couldn’t run.  The fielding was atrocious.

Bubba was a giant compared to many of the kids.  Before the game, I was worried about his athletic ability.  Afterwards… I am pretty sure he is phenom compared to the rest of the team.

Wednesday Dude started playing blast ball.  About an hour before his game, he decided he didn’t want to play and had a meltdown.  We forced him to go because we are mean parents.  Once he got his uniform on things were a little better.  But… He was the kid making dirt angels.  He roamed the outfield looking for flowers.  He ran to the fence to give me a kiss (awww…). He was in lala land for the majority of the game.  He came home filthy.  Every time he ran he had to slide.  Into the base he slid (then jumped up and bounced on it).  Every fielding play he tried to make was a diving or sliding catch.

When he was up to bat, though, he was awesome.  Dude could hit it past the pitcher’s mound.  He could hit it past the base.  He was twice the size of any of the other kids on his team (and the other team for that matter) and his size worked to his advantage.  He was the slugger of the team.  After the game was over, he said he couldn’t wait for the next game.  He had a great time.


Dude getting ready to hit.

I am so glad the boys are having fun playing ball.  I can’t wait for the next games, either.


Bubba in white at 1st base. By the way… his head is so big we had to bring his own batting helmet.


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